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The Tumultuous History of the Akita

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330 – June, 2021

By Lee Connor

I think whenever someone considers buying a dog of any specific breed, it is vitally important to research exactly where that breed originated, why it was bred, and also to understand the people that held it so dear.

You can’t truly understand your breed until you know its history and the environment that came to shape it.

And this is especially true when considering a magnificent breed (and complex character) such as the Akita.

Regular readers of my work will probably be quite familiar with me throwing in some personal anecdotes of interactions with the various breeds I review, but I have to admit to having no such ‘hands-on’ experience with this beautiful dog, although it is one that I have always thoroughly enjoyed watching being judged at our shows.

My mom (who like a number of top Akita converts had owned several Rottweilers) wanted an Akita when they first started to commonly appear over here in the UK in the 1980s – they were extremely expensive at that time and were guaranteed to cause quite a stir whenever one was walked down the street; however, she was put off by the terrible press the breed received.

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330 – June, 2021

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