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Michael Hill interviews Doug Johnson

Michael Hill - Doug Johnson

Join Michael Hill in his exciting new series “INFLUENCERS.”  Michael will be hosting dog show enthusiasts, handlers, breeders and judges as they reveal who has impacted them the most. This series will touch upon how influential mentors are and how they shape not only individuals but the future of the dog show world. First in [...]

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Food For Thought


As of late, there seems to be a barrage of Breed Standard revisions. Many of these changes are for clarification purposes, but these revisions may also include new disqualifications. Changing a breed standard should not be taken lightly and does come with consequences.

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One of A Kind – Connie Gerstner Miller

F One of a Kind

Over and over, the dog fancy mourns the loss of individuals who devoted their lives to the study, preservation, and improvement of purebred dogs. When Connie Gerstner Miller passed away on July 30, she had established a distinctive line of Golden Retrievers as well as a plan for the continuation of her breeding program. A line can be continued; too often, the knowledge gained during years as a breeder, handler, and judge isn’t passed to another generation. For Connie, mentoring others as she did throughout her career was her way to pass on all that she had learned.

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Tickets On Sale Now For 146th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden

WKC Logo

Dog Show Returns to the World’s Most Famous Arena On Tuesday, January 25 & Wednesday, January 26, 2022

October 18th, 2021 | Posted in Featured,The Buzz | Read More »

Will’s World – Top 10 Reasons to Forgive and Forget

Top 10 reasons to forgive and forget

Will Alexander Drops Some Knowledge About What’s Happening in the Sport of Dogs. It’s Deep… It’s Humorous… It’s Provocative… It’s Will Unfiltered! This week Will gives us Top 10 Reasons to Forgive and Forget. Click here to watch on Canine Chronicle TV!

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All Revved Up!


This 1969 Chevy Camaro convertible with the original burgundy red paint, belongs to Carol Curlee.

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Tally Ho Kennels

F Tally Ho

The dog biz has changed a lot, but I won’t preach to the choir. Among other things, the idea of exploring multiple breeds instantly undermines credibility. Yes, there are valid reasons for that. In reality, mastering a breed requires many years of hard work and dedication. And “student research” garners no respect in this sport. The thing is that so many breeds are desperately lacking knowledgeable supporters these days. That fact is arguably becoming a bigger threat to their genetic integrity.

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Words-of-Wisdom from Jane – Hallmark – Essence – Salient


These three terms are essential and paramount to understanding and judging every breed and facilitate a deeper understanding of the breed standard.

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The 2021 AKC Canine Health Foundation Parent Club Conference


The 2021 AKC Canine Health Foundation National Parent Club Health Conference was a virtual event this year. I confess it was nice to attend at home in my shorts, but the experience drove home the value of networking with researchers as well as with parent club health representatives. Plus, there was no good food. Nonetheless, there was still plenty of good information, divided into topics of dermatology, cancer, neurology, and cardiology. There’s never space to cover every presentation, but here are the highlights of the cancer and neurology sessions. I’ll cover the dermatology and cardiac session next month.

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Entries Open Now For The AKC National Championship Presented By Royal Canin

AKC Royal Canin

- Premium List Available on AKC.org -

October 15th, 2021 | Posted in Breaking News,Featured | Read More »


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