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AKC Statement on Use of a Club Name


The management of an event must be the responsibility of the AKC club which has been approved to hold the event. To fulfill this responsibility, there are activities that must be performed by the host club, sometimes in combination with the management of a cluster of events. Responsibility for these activities cannot be delegated to third party service providers.

The policy is as follows –

The Use of a Club’s Name for Show Purposes Cannot be Transferred…

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Star of Bethlehem Cluster Cancelled


A Message from The Star of Bethlehem Cluster Recent regulations revealed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on November 23rd established new indoor event limits of 5% of  occupancy as of November 25th making our use of the building impossible. The decision was made mutually with the Morgantown Center to cancel our shows. The virus simply out ran [...]

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Luck is the Religion of the Lazy

F Luck Lazy

Who would have imagined that dog shows would be affected by a fifteen-year slow, steady, consecutive decline in show entries? Now, after many attempts to stop this decline, exhibitors and handlers are wondering if they need some good luck to end the problem of entries of zero or only one dog in a breed. Many factors have been attributed to the entry problems and three stand out. The first is the slow and steady growth of Low Entry (LE) breeds which now have become 50% of the stud book. Another, is a steady increase in the number of clubs suffering from the greying effect. A third is the increased effort by the Animal Rights groups (AR) to influence breed clubs, breeders and the sport.

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Coat Colors…… Myths and the Folklore that Surround them

F Coat Colors

In the canine world there are four main colors: black, brown, white, and red, and they come in many variations and shades. Some become so popular they are given their own special names such as gold, yellow, cream, blue, black and tan, grey, etc. With so many colors to choose from, it is not surprising that a preference for or against a certain color was destined to develop.

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F Big Red Dog

My personal experience of the Irish Setter is limited to interactions I had with my Uncle’s dog when I was a child. This was in 1970s London and he then owned a lanky Irish Setter imaginatively named ‘Red’.

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The Star of Bethlehem Cluster Shines On


A Message from Star of Bethlehem Cluster Show Chairs:
We fully intend to hold our shows in Morgantown, PA December 9-13, 2020.
Entries close NOVEMBER 25th at noon EST

November 20th, 2020 | Posted in Breaking News,Current Articles,Featured | Read More »

Irish Terriers Specialize

F Irish Terriers

In Virginia, Illinois and New Jersey, 3 regional Irish Terrier Clubs took advantage of the AKC’s new directive that they can hold up to 3 independent specialties a day within parent club guidelines and local restrictions. Masks and temperature checks, hand-sanitizer stations, and “maintain social distance signs” joined pop-up tents, grooming tables and tack boxes as standard equipment for the new era of showing.

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Remembering Roger Hartinger – By Deb Cooper

Roger hartinger

Our thoughts and prayers go to Paula, his loving wife of 64 years, and the rest of their family. If you have photos or memories, please include them the in comments on Facebook.

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Entries for the Lone Star State Classic Cluster Close Wednesday, November 18th

LoneStar Classic Logo 2007 - Final

Reminder! Entries close November 18th at 12:00 PM PST for the Lone Star State Classic Cluster.  MB-F is the superintendent. This is your chance to attend a full day of independent specialties on Thursday along with 3 days of all breed shows. Don’t miss it!    

November 17th, 2020 | Posted in Breaking News,Current Articles,Featured,Uncategorized | Read More »

COVID Detection Dogs Lead The Way!


So, here we are. Nine months into pandemic life and we are still groping in the dark for answers. Even scarier, we seem to be getting used to it. Now, on the other hand, dogs are true existentialists. They just ain’t dealing with that nonsense.

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