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Dog Show Dads

F Dog Show Dads

Despite all you might hear or read, the sport of purebred dogs is not dying. Some of the nay-sayers will quote statistics about lower entries and clubs folding due to lack of a working membership. The simple truth is, people get older, retire and move to warmer climates. The demographics of our sport change, they always have and will, and will continue to do so. As for entries, maybe the entries for some shows are smaller, but some have grown larger. There are also more clubs with more shows and exhibitors have more to choose from than they ever have before, so they can be more selective about where they want to go. Now, back to my point and that being: if the sport was dying, I have no doubt it is the fathers of the children who love this sport who would somehow find a way to keep it alive.

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Judging By The Book

F Judging By The Book

For many years, the Irish Kennel Club held their spectacular St. Patrick’s Day Show at the glorious Royal Dublin Society (RDS) in Dublin. The event is a grand affair with a great history. As it happens, the RDS sits strategically near the end of the route of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This location is important to its history because, with the holiday being a religious one, there was a time when pubs were closed for the day. The only place you could get a pint was at a sporting event. No problem for the locals who could go to the parade and end up at the dog show where pints were sold.

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All Revved Up!

Sabo Porche

Yes, Dogs are our life, but we all have some sort of a side passion.

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Two Icons Come Together for Westminster 2021

F Two Icons

When the Westminster Kennel Club was established in 1877, it was the outgrowth of competition among privileged men and their dogs—good breeding celebrated on both sides. It was a colorful notion born of an optimistic and prosperous time: why not have a great show in a great city?

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From The Publisher


Some in our sport, when it comes to breeding and exhibiting dogs, tend to gravitate to the extreme. It seems as if they feel that more is always better. If a big winning dog has extreme characteristics or a certain ourtrageous style, then many will go out and try to emulate it. If a top winner is too big or too small, is groomed in a certain way, etc.–even if it is wrong for the breed–then the next step is to produce one with more of that trait. If a breed that moves the wrong way wins all over, then lets find more dogs of that breed that move the same way. There is nothing wrong with a dog that has extreme quality as long as those traits adhere to the standard. But having one or two exceptional parts while having numerous serious problems never should be rewarded. Our standards for conformation were written for a reason, so maybe it’s time we got back to basics. This month’s offering is a fable. It is fictitious but may serve as a cautionary tale for our sport, our breeding programs, and our livelihood. Read on.

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Looking Back With Lee – Natural Beauties

F Looking Back with Lee

I recently watched a TV production on dogs dedicated to molding, dying, cutting, and in some cases changing the species altogether. It was not to my liking, but this program started me thinking about the dying, cutting, and molding we have gotten used to seeing in our dog show world!

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Cover Story

F Cover Story

MBIS MBISS GCHG Brightluck Money Talks America’s #1 Terrier* · 2019 & 2020

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Dorothy Macdonald (November 21, 1926 – May 4, 2021)

Westminster BIS judge Dorothy Macdonald who was widely quoted describing J.R “as close to perfection as you can get.”

  By Hap Sutliff Those who knew her as Dorothy or Dottie Macdonald, or Dorothy M. Macdonald, were often unaware that Dottie had many more names. Dottie was born near London on November 21, 1926. Her full name was actually: Dorothy Thalassa Christine Olive Madge Anne Macdonald. She was named for several of her mother [...]

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Coat Colors…… Myths and the Folklore that Surround them

F Coat Colors

In the canine world there are four main colors: black, brown, white, and red, and they come in many variations and shades. Some become so popular they are given their own special names such as gold, yellow, cream, blue, black and tan, grey, etc. With so many colors to choose from, it is not surprising that a preference for or against a certain color was destined to develop.

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2020 Sporting Group Hall of Fame

F 2020 Sporting Hall of Fame

2020 Sporting Group Hall of Fame

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