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BIS Club

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GCh. Wigglesworth Aberlour

AKC National Championship
Judge: Ms. Patricia Laurans
Handler: Sharon Ipser
Owner: S. Ipser

GCh. Majestic Elite Clever Endeavor

Sandusky Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. William Sahloff
Handler: Jamie Clute
Owners: R. Johnson, F. Baylis & R. DeLay

Ch. Bugaboo’s Let It Go Blumtn

Land O’Lakes Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Robert Shreve
Handler: Heather Colton
Owners: C. & H. Johnson & M. & C. Johnson

GCh. Kaylen’s General Kai Panda

Chinese Crested Club of So. California
Judge: Mrs. Debbie Campbell-Freeman
Handler: Kay Peiser
Owners: V. Dorris & K. Peiser

GCh. Micin’s Broxden Riesling To The Occasion

Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club
Judge: Mrs. Ann Yuhasz
Handler: Amy Booth
Owners: L. Fernandes, D. Salow, K. Foist, C. Fisher, J. Ovalle & A. Booth

GCh. Nirvana Skittles

Long Beach Kennel Club
Judge: Ms. Wendy Maisey
Handler: Jorge Olivera
Owners: E. Veltman & V. Cox-Flatley

GCh.Brynbar Tamarack Sonic Boom

North Country Gordon Setter Club
Judge: Mr. William Sahloff
Handler: Lindsey Cook
Owners: M. & D. Brnger & E. Shanahan

GCh.Brynbar Tamarack Sonic Boom

Winnegamie Dog Club
Judge: Ms. Nancy Simmons
Handler: Lindsey Cook
Owners: M. & D. Brnger & E. Shanahan

GCh. Gwencalon’s Tam O’Shanter

Granite City Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Brian Meyer
Handler: Doug Belter
Owners: W. & K. Friend

GCh. Mojo’s Continuation Of A Myth

Gig Harbor Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Karen McFarlane
Handler: Laurie Jordan-Fenner
Owners: P. & S. Borrmann

GCh. Mojo’s Continuation Of A Myth

Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers
Judge: Dr. Daniel Dowling
Handler: Laurie Jordan-Fenner
Owners: P. & S. Borrmann

GCh. Silverhall Strike Force

American Spaniel Club
Judge: Mrs. Mary Ann Alston
Handler: Mike Pitts
Owners: R. Beinhauer & C. Douglas

Ch. Palomino Du Greffier Du Roi

Fort Bend Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Fred Bassett
Handler: Clint Livingston
Owners: J. & V. Mauk, J. Huisman, C. Benedict & B. Humphrey

GCh. Brekkukots Allies With Underdog

Colorado Springs Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Thomas Nesbitt
Handler: Karen Livingston
Owners: J. Mauk, S. Beazly & S. Bjornsson

GCh. Cher Ami’s Center Of Attention

Clemson Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. James Moses
Handler: Lisa Bettis
Owners: E. Charles, D. Mathog, L. Bettis & R. Wolfe

GCh. Haloridges Cruisin The Open Sea

Southern Maryland Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Hal Biermann
Handler: Jodi Longmire
Owners: P. Hearst-Shaw, J. Dalton & S. St. John

GCh. Mariki’s Bluemoon Daimler Marque At Saranan

York Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. S. D. Gladstone
Handler: Lesley A. Potts
Owners: N. Prideaux, P. Schmelkin & M. Bertoli

GCh. Sagebrush’s Red Wine and Blue

Camino Real Siberian Husky Club
Judge: Mr. Ronald Freedman
Handler: Stephen M. Cabral
Owners: D. Butts, B. Finelli, S. Del Pozo & N. Sumida

GCh. Davincis GV Feel So Good Inside

Creole Poodle Club
Judge: Mr. Michael Lamb
Handler: Tiffany Roberts
Owners: M. Carroll-Talley, T. Roberts, G. & A. King, E. King & T. Juneack

GCh. Finnabair Double D Friend Of A Friend

Mississippi Gulf Coast Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Robin Stansell
Handler: Beverly Wright-Osment
Owners: M. McDaniel & D. Allegro

Ch. Take Aim’s Playing For Gryffindor

American Bouvier des Flanders Club
Judge: Ms. Marcia J. Proud
Handler: Don Thames
Owner: S. Nightingale

GCh. Karma’s Lunar Blazing Jet Star

Sand & Sea Kennel Club
Judge: Ms. Linda Reece
Handler: Kimberly Lenox
Owners: K. Lenox & J. Hardy

GCh. Brigadier’s Lightning Strikes Twice

Tampa Bay Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Alane Gomez
Handler: Diego Garcia
Owners: B. Mike & J. Lee

GCh. Crossroad Jockeyhill Big Girls Don’t Cry

Golden Triangle Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Robert Stein
Handler: Jody Garcini
Owners: L. & R. Green, E. Jesseman & J. Garcini