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BIS Club

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Ch. Pequest Feel The Burn

First Co. Governor’s Food Guard Athletic Assn.
Judge: Ms. Angela Porpora
Handler: David Fitzpatrick
Owners: S. Middlebrooks, I. Love, P. Steinman & D. Fitzpatrick

GCh. Pinnacle Tennessee Whiskey

Medina Kennel Club
Judge: Ms. Victoria Jordan
Handler: Justin Smithey
Owners: K. Latimer & J. Smithey

GCHS. Bugaboos Let It Go Blu Mtn

Raleigh Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. William Shelton
Handler: Heather Johnson
Owners: M. Lint & D., M. & C. Johnson

GCh. Palomino Du Greffier Du Roi

Alamance Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Jeffrey Pepper
Handler: Clint Livingston
Owner: J. & V. Mauk, J. Huisman & B. Humphrey

GCh. Chesterhope Never Ask Why For Daykene

Garden City KS Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Ron Horn
Handler: Mark Bettis
Owners: T. Buckley-Bettis & C. O’Neil

GCh. Chesterhope Never Ask Why For Daykene

St. Joseph Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Luc Boileau
Handler: Mark Bettis
Owners: T. Buckley-Bettis & C. O’Neil

GCh. Glenmars American Classic At Classy Staffys

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America
Judge: Mr. Jon Cole
Handler: Delores Dills
Owner: L. Heimbuch

Ch. Smash JP Copenhagen

Sand & Sea Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Debbie Campbell
Handler: Kaz Hosaka
Owners: C. & J. Gauche

GCh. Neo Of Brunswick

Shasta Kennel Club – NOHS
Judge: Mr. Dennis McCoy
Handler: Rebecca Hahn
Owner: R. Hahn

GCh. Lengendale Lady Luk V Goldgrove

Seattle Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Vicki Abbott
Handler: Andy Linton
Owners: K. Kato & L. Ferguson

GCh. Lengendale Lady Luk V Goldgrove

Seattle Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Joe Walton
Handler: Andy Linton
Owners: K. Kato & L. Ferguson

GCh. Cher Ami’s Center Of Attention

Belle City Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Loraine Boutwell
Handler: Lisa Bettis
Owners: E. Charles, D. Mathog, L. Bettis & R. Wolfe

GCh. Mojo’s Continuation Of A Myth

Kings Kennel Club of California
Judge: Ms. Karen Hynek
Handler: Laurie Jordan-Fenner
Owners: P. & S. Borrmann

GCh. Chesterhope Master Of T Arts

San Antonio Kennel Club
Judge: Col. Joe Purkhiser, Ret.
Handler: Brian Livingston
Owners: J. Mosing & D. & P. O’Neil

GCh. M & M’s Calamity Jane

Del Sur Kennel Club
Judge: Dr. Anthony Dinardo
Handler: Janice Hayes
Owners: D. Moore & J. Hayes

GCh. Nirvanas Skittles

Oakland Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Desmond Murphy
Handler: Jorge Olivera
Owners: E. Veltman & V. Cox-Flatley

GCh. Majestic Elite Clever Endeavor

Okaloosa Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Michael Canalizo
Handler: Jamie Clute
Owners: R. Johnson, F. Baylis & R. DeLay

GCh. Willamette’s Lookout Catching Fire

Sawnee Mountain Kennel Club – NOHS
Judge: Mrs. Valerie Dombrowski
Handler: Anita Tate
Owner: A. Tate

GCh. Yarrow Venerie Winning Ticket

Colorado Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Lee Herr
Handler: Ernesto Lara
Owners: N. Shaw & P. Beale

GCh. Foxboro Cristolino

Silver Bay Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Manuel Queijeiro
Handler: Lynda O’Conner-Schneider
Owners: L. O’connor, S. Still & G. McCain

GCh. Peace River’s Rogue You Just Gotta Believe

Linn County Kennel Club
Judge: Ms. Janet Allen
Handler: Shea Skinner
Owner: S. Weston

GCh. Athena Hypnotic HOF

Delaware County Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Kenneth Berg
Handler: Jennifer Sturgeon
Owners: J. & G. Sturgeon

GCh. Legacyk Twice Tempted

Heart Of America Combined Specialties
Judge: Ms. Charlene Rutar
Handler: Alex Mansfield
Owners: A. & A. Mansfield, N. Koutstaal & S. Griswold

GCHS. HiStyles Gabby Girl Of Twilight

Redwood Empire Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy
Handler: Susie Olivera
Owners: M. Lande & P. Poole