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The Canine Chronicle’s Online® Community, is a small sampling of resources/ links for quickly finding products, services and information concerning the dog show fancy. It’s also an ideal place to advertise your offerings to the people who visit our site each day. For more information, call or email us today!


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4727 NW 80th Ave. · Ocala, FL 34482 · USA
Phone (352) 369-1104 • Fax (352) 369-1521

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Photographer and Graphic Artist Directory 


Kerrin Winter-Churchill
(440) 907-1281
Lisa Croft-Elliott
203.542.0769 or UK Mobile +447908866522
dogphotographer@mac.com · http://www.eyefordogs.com/


Evasuik Custom Design
Karen Evasuik 
David Sombach Dog Show Photographer
P O Box 6506 · Ashland, VA 23005
Tel/Fax:  804-994-5721
davidsombachphoto@gmail.com · http://www.davidsombach.com/
Melody L. Falcone
(402) 670-5212
Kaitlyn Price
Website: https://www.kaitlynpricephotography.com
Email: kaitlynpricephotography@gmail.com
Instagram: kaitlynprice_photography
Holloway Photo
Vicki Holloway
http://www.hollowayphoto.com · hollowayphoto@mac.com
Katie Gochev
Candid Canine Photography
Beth Adams
Hobart, New York
Ashbey Photography
John Ashbey
P.O. Box 468, Gilbert, PA 18331 · PHONE:  (610) 681-4968
Booth Photography
194 Elevator St · Williamston, MI 48895


Kit Rodwell


Derek Glas Photography & Graphics 
Rhonda Cassidy Photo 
Michael McGuire Photo/Design 
Madelyn Goss
Visual Graphxs
Maddy@VisualGraphXs.com · http://www.visualgraphxs.com


DogWorks by Molly Yang

Graphic Design, Illustration & Logos


Tom Weigand 
Cell 484.769.6009
thewinningimage@verizon.net · http://www.thewinningimage.com/


Rob Gerity
P.O. Box 2395 · Branchville New Jersey 07826
(973) 948-4893
Photos@ RKG PHOTO.COM · http://www.rkgphoto.com/index.htm


Tom DiGiacomo Photgrapher
New Market, MD


Bill Kohler & Associates, Inc
Bill, Jan & Bob Kohler
2202 W Edgemont Ave Phoenix, AZ. 85009-1941
Phone: 602-271-9953
Don Meyer
3628 Dunn Spring Rd
Labadie MO 63055
Rick Ortega Dog Show Photographer (Freelance Photography)
Jacksonville, Florida
Cell: 904-563-5111
Sosa Photography
PO Box 1426, Madisonville LA 70447
Photos By Lennah
Lennah Snell
12676 HWY 50
La Monte, MO 65337
Phone: 517-282-7943
website: https://photosbylennah.com/
email: photosbylennah@gmail.com
Christina Freitag
Dan Pearson
PO Box 50995
Albuquerque NM 87181
(505) 240-9301

Dog Show Terminology:


Dog Show Wins – What Do All Of The Acronyms Mean?

Ch.       CHAMPION: Dogs must acquire 15 points, including 2 Majors won under different judges and at least one point under a third different judge (sample: Ch. Schoolmaster’s Spectacles)

GCh.     GRAND CHAMPION: Completion of the title requires all of the following: Twenty-five Grand Championship points – three majors won under three different judges at least one or more points won under a fourth judge must have defeated at least one other AKC Champion of record at three shows (sample: GCh. Schoolmaster’s Spectacles)

GCHB.   GRAND CHAMPION BRONZE: Any Grand Champion which shall have won 100 Grand Championship points shall become a GCHB. (sample: GCHB. Schoolmaster’s Spectacles)

GCHS.    GRAND CHAMPION SILVER: Any Grand Champion which shall have won 200 Grand Championship points shall become a GCHS. (sample: GCHS. Schoolmaster’s Spectacles)

GCHG.    GRAND CHAMPION GOLD: Any Grand Champion which shall have won 400 Grand Championship points shall become a GCHG. (sample: GCHG. Schoolmaster’s Spectacles)

GCHP.   GRAND CHAMPION PLATINUM: Any Grand Champion which shall have won 800 Grand Championship points shall become a GCHP. after earning Grand Champion Platinum title, for each additional 800 GCh. points earned the Grand Champion Platinum title initials will be followed by a numeric designation indicating the quantity of times the dog has met the requirements of the GCHP. title as defined above, e.g., 1,600 GCh. points = GCHP2. (sample: GCHP2. Schoolmaster’s Spectacles) *See AKC Subject to change

BIS     Best In Show Winner

BISS   Best In Specialty Show Winner {Not SBIS or MSBIS}

Top Winning in Breed History: Based on most All Breed Best In Show Wins {Not Specialty wins or Best of Breeds or Reserve BIS wins}

Variety: A division of a breed based on coat, color, or size. For example, Poodles (size: Standard, Miniature, Toy), Cocker Spaniels (color: Black, Parti-color, ASCOB); Collies (coat: Rough, Smooth).

Breeder: The owner of the dam (mother) when she was bred to produce this dog.

Breeder/Owner/Handler: An individual who bred, owns and handles that dog. An Owner-Handler is someone who handles a dog that they also own.

Breeder/Judge: Someone licensed to judge dogs of their breed.

Professional Handler: Someone who handles a dog for a fee.

Agent/Handler: This person acts on behalf of the owner in and outside of the show ring.

All Rounder: An individual licensed to judge every breed.

Conformation: The structure and physical characteristics of a dog.

Stack: The pose itself or the posing of the dog by a handler in its natural stance.

Gait: The action of movement of the dog. Generally speaking, a sound and balanced gait usually indicates proper conformation and structure.

Breed Type: The manifestation of those unique traits and characteristics of a dog that distinguish it as a particular breed.

Bred By Exhibitor: For dogs that are handled by their owner and breeder.

American Bred: For dogs born in the United States from a breeding that occurred in the United States.

Open: For any dog of the breed.

In each sex, after these classes are judged, the dogs that won first place in a class compete again to see who is the best of the winning dogs. The male selected as the best of those class winners is Winners Dog (WD) and the female similarly selected is Winners Bitch WB). These dogs earn points toward their AKC championship title and then advance into the Best of Breed competition with the champions.

Bitch: A Female Canine

Dog: A Male Canine
In the Best of Breed competition, the following awards are made by the judge:

Best of Breed (BOB) or Best of Variety (BOV): the dog judged as the best in its breed or variety. This dog advances to the Group.

Best of Winners (BOW): the dog judged as the better of the WD and WB

Best of Opposite Sex (BOS): the best of the dogs that are the opposite sex to the BOB winner

Grand Championship Points (GCh.): With the addition of class entries, wins at Westminster awarded by the breed judge (Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, Select Dog and Select Bitch) will win points towards the AKC’s Grand Championship title. For details, see www.akc.org/grandchampionship.

Awards of Merit (AOM): At the discretion of the judge, an additional award made to outstanding entries that are not judged to be either BOB / BOV or BOS.
AKC Group Order

1 – Sporting
2 – Hound
3 – Working
4 – Terrier
5 – Toy
6 – Non-Sporting
7 – Herding

AKC Champion: In order to become an AKC Champion of Record a dog must obtain 15 points. Within the 15 points there must be two “major” wins under two different judges. A “major” is a three, four or five-point win. The point schedule varies in different areas of the country, which are called divisions.
Breakdown: In the judging program you will see numbers in parentheses after the breed names. These numbers are translated as follows: If you see, for example, Pointers (12-8-4-3) this means there are 12 dogs, 8 bitches, 4 dog specials (champions) and 3 bitch specials (champions). Exhibitors use this information to help them determine whether there will be points within their entry.

All-Breed & Breed Statistics


1. GCh. Schoolmaster’s Spectacles         1250
This fictitious dog, GCh. Schoolmaster’s Spectacles, is an example of a dog that is Nnumber 1 in All-Breed points. The number 1250, shows the total number of dogs he defeated in All-Breed competition. All-Breed competition includes Best of Breed, Group and Best in Show wins.

1. GCh. Schoolmaster’s Spectacles          258
This fictitious dog, GCh. Schoolmaster’s Spectacles, is an example of a dog that is number 1 in Breed points. The number 258 shows the total number of dogs he defeated in his own breed by winning Best Of Breed.

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