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Send Us Your #FormFollowsFunction Photos!


All dog breeds were bred to perform a specific purpose. We want to see our readers’ dogs doing the work they were bred to do to be shared on The Canine Chronicle! Thank you Gabrielle Beaubrun for sharing this funny Form Follows Function photo! According to the American Kennel Club, “The monks kept Tibetan Spaniels mainly [...]

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Did You Know… Today’s New Breed Judges Have Many Challenges Getting Approved

F Did You Know

In this fast-paced, high-tech world, sometimes we’re zooming so fast we miss seeing everything right under our noses! Any long-time, successful breeder can tell you it takes years to build a foundation from which to breed. The “Powers That Be” understand that and ask for a minimum amount of time required as part of the Judging Application Process as a Breeder /Judge–“X” number of litters and “X” number of Champions bred. Those numbers are mandatory for the first-time applicant applying under the “Breeder/Judge” criteria. Those who apply as a “Breeder/Judge” seldom (if ever) disappoint in preparedness by virtue of “time served” in the whelping box and show ring.

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Table Talk · April 17, 2024


I mentioned last week that I was attending the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac. I frankly did not know what to expect and from the moment I arrived I was in awe! The LRCP did a special mentoring session for approved Labrador Judges which was well-attended and enjoyed by all the participants. Desi Murphy said, “The Specials had the most depth of quality I’ve ever witnessed!!” What an amazing opportunity to talk dogs with some of the breed’s experts and witness a depth of quality that is second to none! If you have not had the opportunity, please be sure to check out some of the Table Talk segments from Potomac week. I had the opportunity to visit with some winners, judges, and hard-working Potomac volunteers! Most importantly, I’d like to give kudos to a community of people that is supportive of each other and kind to all! Thank you to everyone who made me feel welcome and made my week enjoyable–and productive! If you have not had the opportunity to attend the Potomac, I strongly encourage you to add it to your bucket list.

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Next Generation Spotlight – Hayden Kusmierkiewicz


We want to see our readers #NextGeneration photos to be shared on The #CanineChronicle! Thank you Ashley Kusmierkiewicz for sharing this adorable photo of your son, Hayden, and his Pug, Indy. Hayden was entered in his first PeeWee event at the Scottsbluff Kennel Club dog show on March 30! Do your children train the puppies? Do they [...]

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#TriviaTuesday – Can You Guess This Dog Breed?

CC_TriviaTuesday Artwork

What breed of dog am I? I am a breed in the Sporting group; the AKC’s smallest retriever. I am a medium sized, powerful, compact, balanced dog; my color is any shade of red, ranging from a golden red through dark coppery red, with lighter featherings on the underside of the tail, pantaloons, and body. My attitude and bearing [...]

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The Junior’s Perspective – Practicing Positivity

F The Jrs Perspective

“Positivity also ignites within oneself the desire for success and the setting of higher goals.”

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#ThrowbackThursday – Guess Who? – Check Your Answer!


Did you correctly answer this week’s #ThrowbackThursday Canine Chronicle Cover edition? Answer: GCH Lockenhaus’ Rumor Has It V Kenlyn, ‘Rumor”. Owned by Deborah Stern, Pamela Buckles, Patti Dukeman, Pamela McElheney & Kent Boyles, Bred by Pamela McElheney & Kent Boyles, shown by Kent Boyles & Liz Oster Don’t forget! Do you have a fun photo [...]

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Remembering Jimmy Mitchell

Jimmy Mitchell

It is with great sadness we share the loss of James Mitchell. Jimmy started his career in dogs as a young kid in a grooming shop, eventually leading him to work for Bill Trainor and Anne Rogers Clark. As a very active member of the dog community, Jimmy worked for the Foley Dog Show Organization [...]

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The Scottish Deerhound: Form And [Illegal] Function

F Scottish Deerhound

If a breed’s original function is illegal, as a preservation breeder, breed judge, or judge’s mentor, how can you understand and evaluate how form follows function? This dichotomy has to be addressed in many breeds, including the Scottish Deerhound. For some, it may mean function is now irrelevant; who cares? This would ignore, however, the American Kennel Club’s (“AKC”) mission of “promoting the sport of purebred dogs and breeding for type and function” and a breed standard’s purpose, as described by Frank Kane, member of the Kennel Club’s (“KC” (UK)) Breed Standards and Stud Book sub-committee, which is to serve as “the guideline which describes the ideal characteristics, temperament and appearance … and ensures that the breed is fit for function.”

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Remembering James Mitchell

Time Will Tell With Amy Rodrigues - Jimmy Mitchell

Join Amy Rodrigues in this exciting series, “TIME WILL TELL.” Amy goes back in time with some of the greatest historians in the sport of dogs. They will tell us some of their favorite stories of how they first got started and explain some of the differences between dog shows then and now. Please sit back and enjoy as Jimmy [...]

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