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The 411 on Hiring a Handler

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146 – April, 2021

By William Given

Now, I will wager that there are plenty of professional handlers out there who would like to see an article titled, How to Select the Right Clients. However, I thought it might be interesting to talk about hiring a professional handler and discuss why, why not, and maybe some do’s and don’ts.

Navigating a good dog around the conformation ring can be an exhilarating adventure for some, but others find it a most stressful experience. The simple truth is, while many owners of purebred dogs would love their canine companion to become a champion of record, it takes knowledge, experience, and skill to artfully show a winner.

Registration with the American Kennel Club may guarantee that your dog is purebred, but it does not guarantee the dog is show quality. A good professional handler can evaluate your dog’s true potential. Professional handlers can take a good dog and make him look great and will use their experience and expertise to present your dog to its best advantage.

If you have a great dog, using a professional handler can help to take your dog to the next level. The professional handler has the ability to show your dog in a wider geographic area. The handler can take your dog to big shows where competition is plentiful and can be tough. Often, but not always, the professional handler can earn a Championship or Grand Championship in less time, energy, and expense than the average owner-exhibitor.

Finding the right handler

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146 – April, 2021


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