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Take Your Training on the Road

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258 – June, 2021

By Sandy Weaver

This article could be about road-working your dog. It isn’t. It could be about sending your dog off to be trained. It isn’t.

It could be about not training your dog until you get to the dog show. Seriously–it isn’t!

This article is about using resources around your home, neighborhood, and town to bomb-proof your dog. Wear a mask and gloves if you’re still uncomfortable being around people, but for goodness’ sake take your dog and your training on the road.

More dogs than ever are going into the show ring mentally unprepared. You can thank a pandemic, a media drumbeat of gloom and doom, and confusing guidelines for dealing with the novel coronavirus. And now that over half of Americans have some level of antibody protection from vaccination or previous infection, the chance of becoming infected if you’re not vaccinated or protected by previous infection is low and getting lower by the day.

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258 – June, 2021

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