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Take The Lead – The Who’s, What’s and Why’s

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210 – April, 2021

As Take The Lead enters its 28th year of operation, we find that in spite of everything, there are still many involved in our sport that don’t know who we are or what we do!

As most know, in September of 1993 we created a foundation to assist those active in our sport who were suffering from a life-threatening or terminal illness. We were a success from day one and in the first year of operation, we gave away $12,800. Last year, in 2020, we distributed more than ever before. $689,855 was provided to those qualified members of our sport who had need. (More than $400,000 of that figure was a temporary “COVID-19 Program” we established. During this difficult time, many in the sport applied for relief in terms of payment of their existing health insurance while dog shows were suspended. This program terminated in December of 2020).

How we arrived at this point is fairly straightforward. Thousands of volunteer hours were performed on our behalf by our Board of Trustees, our dog community in general and our generous financial donors. We would be nowhere without them. It’s as simple as that.


Now here is the hitch! The word “qualified”. WHO QUALIFIES is simple, too! For either application, anyone who has participated in any AKC recognized event for five years or more is a potential candidate for assistance.

That’s it. Quick and simple!!

• Exhibitors?- Yes

• Breeders?-Yes

• Judges?- Yes

• Photographers?- Yes

• Professional Handlers?- Yes

• Superintendents?- Yes

• Vendors?- Yes

• Easterners?- Yes

• Westerners?- Yes

• All those who live in between?- Yes

I’m sure that there are others, but the best way to know is to call our office and ask!!?But read on to find out more about us.


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210 – April, 2021

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