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Rocking the Dog World – French Bulldogs and Lady Gaga

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212 – May, 2021

By Amy Fernandez

Who doesn’t love Lady Gaga? Okay, maybe not everyone. But there is no denying the fact that she’s been setting trends for decades. And as of late February, it looks like she might be setting a new one that nobody wants.

First reported by TMZ on February 24, Gaga’s unidentified dog walker was accosted, assaulted, and shot during a drive-by dog napping a short distance from her Los Angeles home around 9:40 that evening. The dog walker was critically injured while attempting to thwart the attack. But he did manage to prevent the abduction of one of her French Bulldogs while the gunman absconded with the other two.

Maybe it was preplanned, as the timing and execution suggest. LAPD Robbery/Homicide was not willing to comment on possible motives, citing that it remains an open investigation. But a few things point in that direction. First off, evening dog walks are famous for their predictable times and routes. Dogs like it that way. More significantly, it’s common knowledge that Gaga’s Frenchies are celebrities in their own right.

The stolen dogs, Koji and Gustav, probably have a fan base to rival Gaga’s. But even without a famous owner, Frenchies are so trendy that they generally get a second look walking down any street regardless of the circumstances. Moreover, French Bulldog popularity and prices are not exactly a state secret. The breed has dominated the pet market for years despite astronomical price tags. They are irresistibly cute, great roommates, and also have the cachet that comes with pricey possessions. Nobody sees a Frenchie and thinks it was bought at a bargain price.

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212 – May, 2021

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