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On The Cover

F On The Cover Sept 2022

Click here to read the complete article 10 – September, 2022 MBIS MBISS GCHP Blueprint’s Sweetgold Country Girl #1 Golden Retriever* All Breed · #11 Sporting Dog* Click here to read the complete article 10 – September, 2022

September 3rd, 2022 | Posted in Current Articles,Editorial,Featured | Read More »

From the CC Vault – One Man’s Opinion

BIS Westminster 1976

By Ric Chashoudian From 2008 Another year has rolled by and it is coming up Westminster time at Madison Square Garden again. The Garden is one of the premier dog shows in the world. This is not because of the number of entries but rather the quality of the entries. There are some shows in the [...]

August 3rd, 2022 | Posted in Current Articles,Editorial,Featured | Read More »

Heads Above Water…Just Bobbin’ Along


The economy is difficult in just about every city and state in this country. Monies are short, show entries are down for some clubs, and costs of putting together a show and paying for judges’ expenses are rising. I do not mean that judges’ fees are rising. I have NOT heard of a judge increasing the fee for judging under any circumstances! Most judges are very aware of how much it costs to put together a show and do not want to “bite the hand that (sometimes) feeds them” by pricing themselves out of judging assignments. If anything, many judges do not list all the expenses that are incurred in getting to and from a show including meals and incidentals. I hear judges discussing some of the expenses they “eat” in order to save the club money.

February 21st, 2022 | Posted in Dog Show History,Editorial,Featured | Read More »

10 Reasons Why Some Dogs Lose


You don’t need to have been showing dogs very long to have been afforded the opportunity to learn that some dogs lose. Is it “kennel blindness”, lack of showmanship (dog or human) or simply wrong type of dog for the judge? Be enlightened with ten possible reasons for losing when we think we should be winning.

February 1st, 2022 | Posted in Current Articles,Editorial,Featured | Read More »

Looking Back With Lee – Missing Our Missing Links!

Conformation 3-99-Tatham

By Lee Canalizo
Handlers like Richard didn’t just do a fast “Show n’ Go”… they were immersed in their associated breeds. They developed an ongoing relationship with many different breeds and breeders. Of course, many of the top breeders of the day were wealthy patrons that made a major breeding operation possible.

January 22nd, 2022 | Posted in Current Articles,Editorial,Featured | Read More »

A Real-Life Lassie Story


So, here’s a “Real-life Lassie” story, to quote a New Hampshire State Trooper who was on the scene the night of Monday, January 3 when the drama unfolded.

January 15th, 2022 | Posted in Current Articles,Editorial,Featured | Read More »

Mixed Breeds In The Wild


Mating mistakes may just have a valid place in the canine universe. We have all heard those unicorn tales about the accidental breeding that produced the showstopper, and yeah, mainly they are on par with flying horses. But a recent bit of revelatory DNA investigation seems to lend a bit of legitimacy to that beloved myth.
Officially, the red wolf has been considered extinct in the wild since 1980.

January 14th, 2022 | Posted in Current Articles,Editorial,Featured | Read More »

Corky Vroom – Never Give Up

Ben Brown & Corky Vroom

It all began with a 10 year-old boy practicing handling techniques in his family’s yard after school. Most junior handlers probably would have focused on their own skills – taking even strides, mastering the smooth transfer of the lead from hand to hand. For Charles “Corky” Vroom, the practice sessions had a deeper purpose. He wanted to understand the dogs – their structure, how they moved, and how their minds worked.

January 12th, 2022 | Posted in Current Articles,Dog Show History,Editorial,Featured,Remembering Our Past? | Read More »

On Showmanship


On that particular day, in the not-too-distant past, there were several good quality dogs in competition but it was perfectly obvious to any knowledgeable onlooker reasonably familiar with the breed being judged that there was one exhibit which stood out, head and shoulders, so to speak, above the rest. It was clearly the best in terms of make, shape, movement and ‘type’. But yet it failed to go Winners and its breeder-owner-handler had to settle for the Reserve position.

January 1st, 2022 | Posted in Editorial,Featured | Read More »

Jane Forsyth – A Legacy That Will Never Be Forgotten

Janie _feature

“Although she came from a background in this sport, it was obvious from the start that Janie’s enthusiasm and dedication was off the charts. Even then, she demonstrated an exceptional ability to focus on the big picture and apply her talents, first and foremost an exceptionally good eye for dogs.”

September 3rd, 2021 | Posted in Current Articles,Editorial,Featured | Read More »


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