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Show Dogs Escape to the Seashore by Marsha Hall Brown Book Review

by Lisa Dubé Forman

Kid’s love dogs and Show Dogs Escape to the Seashore by Marsha Hall Brown is a charming children’s story filled with adventures involving our beloved companions. Written not just as a teaching aid to educate kids about dog shows but instead an adventurous tale that may fulfill a child’s fantasy of how show dogs might partake in a vacation escape — if they could!

It is a pleasant story that parents can read to their children at bedtime and pick back up again on a new chapter the next night and the next. A story that elementary school aged children can share and trade and with their friends. I found it very refreshing to read a tale without any brutishness and violent behavior. Indeed, beyond the book’s storyline as so cleverly depicted on the cover and within its’ pages filled with lustrous illustrations, a touching moral is readily perceived.

The goodness of character is taught to children by the show dogs escapades. Their caper teaches not only these show dogs, but ourselves that labeling a stranger or jumping to conclusions can and is not morally right or fair.

Improbable hijinks that allow we and our children to daydream of an unusual and exciting trip to an island leaving our worries and responsibilities behind. Almost all of us at one point or another have longed to do such, and now our kids can imagine it too with their much-loved dogs.

This book can be helpful to introduce youngsters to the basics of dog shows as Mrs. Brown includes a glossary for a parent to reference and explain specialized terms and references to not only dog shows, dog anatomy, but sailing and other narrated parts presented in the book. An excellent recommendation!

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