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Westminster 2017 from the Exhibitor’s Perspective


Another change exhibitors experienced this year was the ring surface. New carpet was used in the breed rings at the Pier and in the group ring at the Garden. Unfortunately, the new carpet gave many dogs and humans some trouble. Many exhibitors had bloody knees and several dogs experienced raw pads which resulted in an inability for them to move at their best.

February 20th, 2017 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured | Read More »

FDA Cautions Pet Owners Not to Feed Certain Evanger’s or Against the Grain Canned Pet Foods Due to Adulteration with Pentobarbital


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is advising pet owners and caretakers not to feed their pets certain lots of Evanger’s canned Hunk of Beef or Against the Grain Grain Free Pulled Beef with Gravy canned dog food after unopened cans from both brands were found to contain pentobarbital, a barbiturate. Pentobarbital is a drug that is used in [...]

February 20th, 2017 | Posted in Breaking News,Featured | Read More »

#ThrowbackThursday – Guess Who? – Check Your Answer!


We have yet another fun photo to share this Thursday. Can you guess the successful professional handler and Toy expert that is pictured in this week’s #ThrowbackThursday? Guess who? The correct answer is Daryl Martin! Congratulations to Vicki Fierheller for answering correctly! Thank you to all who have participated in making this series successful so [...]

February 20th, 2017 | Posted in Featured,The Buzz | Read More »

From Spectator to Judge


It’s a good thing he thought to pack a suit because guess what Bert, you’re not busy tomorrow, how about stepping in as a last minute replacement judge at Progressive?

February 18th, 2017 | Posted in Current Articles,Editorial,Featured,Uncategorized | Read More »

The Non-Sporting Group – A Marvelous Menagerie


Everyone’s been there. Ringside with a bewildered novice patiently explaining the basics of competition as they frantically scan from ring to catalog desperately trying to grasp the obviously significant events unfolding before their eyes.

February 18th, 2017 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured | Read More »

The Wacky World of Dogs


There is a reason why the folks at the Disney Studios named the tall, anthropomorphic dog-like character “Goofy.”

February 18th, 2017 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured | Read More »

Breed Priorities – The Italian Greyhound


Click here to read the complete article 210 – February 2017 by Nikki Riggsbee The Italian Greyhound is both a small hound and a toy dog. Both are important to breed type. Ideally, the IG should have both the diminutive size, fine bone, and elegance of the toy coupled with the S-curved, graceful outline of [...]

February 17th, 2017 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured | Read More »

Table Talk


Hats off to Harry Miller and his team who worked endless hours and stood in the rain to manage the shuttle service to and from the Pier at Westminster. This team also managed the traffic outside the venue. One of Harry’s shuttle drivers walked off the job the first day because he didn’t like dogs… sadly, the replacement didn’t have strong driving skills and caused a bit of a wreck at 8th and 34th Streets.

Despite the excitement, Harry managed to keep the buses running and get everyone to their destination safely and in a timely manner…

February 17th, 2017 | Posted in Editorial,Featured | Read More »

Cunard Presents 2017 Westminster Kennel Club “Best in Show” Winner with Transatlantic Crossing on Queen Mary 2

Rumor, Kent Boyles, Daniel Oster, Maria Oster, Liz Oster

Cunard, the only line to carry pets across the Atlantic, presented Rumor, the Westminster Kennel Club’s Best in Show winner, with an invitation to sail on a Transatlantic Crossing on Queen Mary 2 today in New York’s Times Square. Rumor will have an opportunity to take her place in history among celebrity dogs who have sailed with Cunard [...]

February 16th, 2017 | Posted in Breaking News,Featured | Read More »

Sociology of Dogs


Dogs have been the center of attention for quite a while. Everyone who works in the marketing industry knows pretty well that any commercial advertisement will perform much better with a child and a dog in it. Somehow we react more emotionally.

February 16th, 2017 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured | Read More »


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