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Up-Close And Personal With Walter Goodman


By Deborah Wood It’s the most famous story in the history of dog shows. It was Westminster in 1969. New York was in the grip of a horrific snowstorm. The streets had grown icy as the weather had gotten colder. Walter Goodman was stepping carefully through the ice and snow outside the brand new Madison [...]

July 5th, 2020 | Posted in Current Articles,Dog Show History,Featured,Remembering Our Past? | Read More »

Remembering Bobby Barlow


From the archives of The Canine Chronicle, March, 2012 By Lee Canalizo Forty years ago we had in our dog show presence a veritable example of Clifton Odets “Golden Boy”. His name was Bobby Barlow. He was a handsome, talented, freckled-faced young man who looked somewhat like a young Robert Redford. Well, maybe not quite [...]

July 4th, 2020 | Posted in Current Articles,Dog Show History,Featured | Read More »

Breaking Barriers – The Future Of European Dogdom

canine future road

by Gareth Morgan-Jones, From the archives of The Canine Chronicle, March, 1999 Lift the barrier of quarantine, risk being inflicted by the scourge of rabies, but truly join the European and, ultimately, the world dog community or remain more or less isolated. Such, as mentioned in my previous article, is the choice and attendant dilemma [...]

July 3rd, 2020 | Posted in Current Articles | Read More »

Looking Back With Lee – Remembering Derek Rayne

akc057 Derek Rayne

“A judge new to any breed is unable to recognize that the current winners may be of a far different type than those of another era. . . . Frequently today we hear exhibitors and judges say a certain dog is the greatest living example of that breed. Unfortunately, this dog may be very showy and sound but is not, in reality, the true type of this breed as were the winners of 20 or 30 years ago.

Many breeds today have lost their true type. . . We must realize that true type is the quintessence of any breed. A healthy farm dog trotting down a country lane has all the attributes that are found in most standards of most breeds – all it lacks is type!”

July 3rd, 2020 | Posted in Current Articles,Dog Show History,Featured,Remembering Our Past? | Read More »

Remembering: Ric Chashoudian


Remembering One Of The Great Dog Men of Our Time: Ric Chashoudian

July 2nd, 2020 | Posted in Current Articles,Dog Show History,Featured | Read More »

Returning from the Chaos of COVID

F Chaos of Covid

There has been plenty of conversation about what the return of dog shows and other events will look like in the post-quarantine age of COVID-19. Opinions run the gamut from “I am never coming back” to “Wherever it is, I will be at the first show that sticks”. As we begin to try to imagine what shows and trials will look like, suggestions range from measured thoughts and concerns to the ludicrous.

June 30th, 2020 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured | Read More »

Alva Rosenberg – Dean of American Dog Judges


The moment the first loser stalked out of the first dog show judging qualifications became the central controversy of this sport. Not only has it defied resolution for well over a century, the surrounding furor has never dropped one decibel.

June 30th, 2020 | Posted in Current Articles,Dog Show History,Featured,Remembering Our Past? | Read More »

Looking Back With Lee…Remembering Bea Godsol


Many of the keenest minds whose opinions you prize will freely admit much of what they learned (and more importantly…carry into their judgments on a regular basis) were gifts from this great sportswoman. Bea started in dogs in the early 1930s with her “Coastwise” Newfoundlands. She also had success in other breeds which included German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Shetland Sheepdogs, and both Sealyham and Dandie Dinmont Terriers. When I say “success” in these chosen breeds, I say it as humbly as Bea would have; she won National Specialties in each of those breeds over her years of her involvement.

June 29th, 2020 | Posted in Editorial,Featured,Remembering Our Past? | Read More »

The history of the Rottweiler – As Fit as a Butcher’s Dog

F Rottweiler

Germany is quite rightly famous for its Autobahn, beer, wurst and of course its automobile industry. However, something that never quite seems to make the ‘Top Ten Things Germany is Famous For’ list, and in my opinion a contribution that is far more important (than cars, beer or sausage) for bringing joy to millions all around the world, are the numerous dog breeds that have also come from this country.

June 28th, 2020 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured | Read More »


Dunlap feb

We’ve all done it, myself included. Back in the mid-to-late seventies I placed a handsome young dog with a family willing to have him shown. In fact, the husband was open to the idea of handling the dog himself. The pup had a rather strong personality and I soon found myself regretting the placement. I became acutely aware that the pup was getting away with murder, the owners giggling over his stubborn and rather headstrong demeanor.

June 28th, 2020 | Posted in Dog Show History,Editorial,Featured | Read More »


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