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BIS Club

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GCh. Pyrless & Ashby She’s All That!

Providence Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Arthur Fry
Handler: Rick Krieger
Owner: S. Blevens

GCh. Spotlight Maybe Its Maybelline

La Porte County Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Debbie Campbell-Freeman
Handler: Phil Booth
Owners: V. Malzoni Jr. & P. & A. Booth

GCh. Majestic Elite Clever Endeavor PT

Edwardsville Illinois Kennel Club
Judge: Dr. Gary Sparschu
Handler: Jamie Clute
Owners: R. Johnson, F. Baylis & R. DeLay

GCh. Starbarrack N J’s Sweet Dreams SW

Dachshund Club of America Regional
Judge: Mr. Larry Sorenson
Handler: Liz Heywood
Owners: L. Heywood & S. Johnson

GCh. Hill Country’s Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

Seminole Dog Fanciers Association
Judge: Mrs. Patti Widck Neal
Handler: Esteban Farias
Owner: C. Koch

GCh. Pyrless & Ashby She’s All That!

Wachusett Kennel Club
Judge: Ms. Janina K. Laurin
Handler: Rick Krieger
Owner: S. Blevens

GCh. Four Halls Look At Me

Central New York Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Janie Bousek
Handler: Daryl Martin
Owners: J. & R. Kusumoto & V. Fierheller

GCh. Hampton Court Broxden What In Carnation

Marion Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Carl Liepmann
Handler: Amy Booth
Owners: V. Malzoni Jr. & P. & A. Booth

GCh. Stuttgart’s Single Action Army V Hammersmith

South Windsor Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Barbara Alderman
Handler: Anya Dobratz
Owner: A. Dobratz

GCh. TriPawd N Calvarys Courtesy Of The Red, White N Blue

Western Washington Weimaraner Club
Judge: Mrs. Bernadette Cox
Handler: Shea Skinner
Owners: R. Holman & M. Wilson

GCh. Micin’s Broxden Riesling To The Occasion

Valparaiso Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Karen Wilson
Handler: Amy Booth
Owners: L. Fernandes, C. Fisher. J. Ovalle & P. & A. Booth

GCh. Hediyeh Mu Cephei Priya Fourever More

Huntsville Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Linda More
Handler: Ron Bigford
Owner: C. Pearce

GCh. Sylvan Argent Hollywood & Vine

Brazoria Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Inge Semenschin
Handler: Brian Livingston
Owners: J. Mosing, C. DuBois & C. Bossart

GCh. Iceage V Tum-Tums Vriendjes

Flatirons Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Stephen Dainard
Handler: Clint Livingston
Owners: D. King, B. Duelks, B. Major & N. Frost

GCh. Brekkukots Allies With Underdog CGC

Southern Colorado Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. James Frederiksen
Handler: Clint Livingston
Owners: J. Mauk, S. Bjornsson & S. Demirjian-Beazly

GCh Danfour Avalon As If

Rogue Valley Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Gary Andersen
Handler: Daniel Chavez
Owners: D. Chavez, J. & J. Moses & B Cordova

GCh. Beachstone’s Blacklist

Seminole Dog Fanciers Association
Judge: Ms. Kristiina Taulos
Handler: Jessica Legath
Owners: K. Osper, J. Legath & R. DaSilva

GCh. Beachstone’s Blacklist

Ochlockonee River Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Loraine Boutwell
Handler: Jessica Legath
Owners: K. Osper, J. Legath & R. DaSilva

GCh. Artic Sun’s Hot Pursuit

Tanana Valley Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Ann Yuhasz
Handler: Lindsey Dowling
Owners: S. & E. Biles & L. Mihm-Kunz

GCh. Wunderkind One Golden Moment

Del Valle Dog Club of Livermore
Judge: Mrs. Joan Zielinski
Handler: Tiffany Skinner
Owners: P. White, M. Allen & D. Dalton

GCh. Peace River’s Rogue You Just Gotta Believe

Olympia Dog Fanciers Association
Judge: Mrs. Janice Purdue
Handler: Shea Skinner
Owner: S. Wilson

GCh. Middleshires Walking In Memphis

Sammamish Kennel Club
Judge: Ms. Vandra Huber
Handler: Sandy Moore
Owners: S. Moore & T. Skinner

GCh. SH Forest Sirocco

Battle Creek Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. William G. Daugherty
Handler: Dan Buchwald
Owners: D. & N. Shields

GCHG. Raydachs Catching Fire V Gleishorbach SW

Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Michael Faulkner
Handler: Adam Peterson
Owners: S. Ray, M. & J. Sakoda

GCh. Willowcreek Midnight In Paris

Tucson Doberman Pinscher Club
Judge: Mr. Robert Robinson
Handler: Moe Miyagawa
Owners: R. & J. Kusumoto