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Give Peace A Chance – Are We Taking the Wrong Approach?

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442 – February, 2018

by Debra Vey Voda Hamilton, Esq./Mediator

In the world of purebred dog it seems we choose to wage war against those who disagree with us. If we are criticized or questioned about any of our decades long practices, we defend ourselves by condemning those who criticize. Interestingly, we go to war against animal activists in the same manner we criticize animal activists for going to war against us, with verbal guns blazing making little attempt to en- gage in peaceful dialogue or education. When asked, both sides say they feel the other never listens and this is the only way to fight misinformation.

Animal activists abound. They have gained in strength and numbers over the last 20 years. Purebred dog associations have not helped quell this rise. When steeped in the middle of a difficult situation, some choose to refrain from engaging. They may have thought if they ignored this pesky group it would go away. This strategy may have placed the purebred dog fancy in a difficult position.

The fancy exhibits their dogs, crates their dogs for safety, dock and crop their tails and ears to meet breed standards, groom them in a breed specific fashion, and grind their nails short. Exhibitors and handlers usually have a number of dogs in their possession. They breed litters to sustain and advance their breed. By breeding thoughtfully, they help supply the pet owning market with much wanted, well bred/purebred dogs.

As breeders and owners of purebred dogs, we now live in fear of what will happen if our local animal control officer comes to the door. On December 1st, 2018, George J. Eigenhauser, Jr. posted an article on the American Dog Breeders Association site entitled, What To Do When Animal Control Comes Knocking [https://adbadog.com/animal-control-comes-knocking/]. It was shared among many purebred dog people and groups. It provided Mr. Eigenhauser’s “Top Six” things to do if animal control is at the door. The first of the six was, “Do not let them in no matter how much they ask.” This plays right into the go to war mentality. Yes, it is your right not to allow people into your home or kennel. Yet, how does this work in your favor?

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442 – February, 2018

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