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Memories of Dr. Elsie


Dogs are luckier than people, and some owners like “Elsie” are great.

July 25th, 2020 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured,Remembering Our Past? | Read More »

Others Are Called Great To Many Fanciers Bea Godsol Was The Greatest Of Them All

Al Levine showing to Bea Godsol

Truly gifted judges are few and far between. Decades later, their remarkable ability remains the benchmark of excellence for the sport of purebred dogs. They confidently, efficiently sort through large mediocre classes, discover a diamond-in-the-rough presented by an uncertain novice, and fearlessly reward the potential greatness of a puppy. Most importantly, they act on the courage of their convictions. To many fanciers, Bea Godsol was the greatest of them all. “She was a lovely lady and really knew dogs,”

July 25th, 2020 | Posted in Current Articles,Dog Show History,Featured,Remembering Our Past? | Read More »



Many seasoned showgoers have seen numerous hilarious “Oopses” in the ring; ladies who drop their underwear and deftly kick them out of the ring; gentlemen judges who are unzipped. I saw one judge at an indoor show on a warm day wearing a raincoat. “I split my pants” was his answer when I asked him why. I noticed another judge was wearing odd colored shoes. I pointed it out to him and he exclaimed, “I know, I have another pair at home just like them!”

July 20th, 2020 | Posted in Current Articles,Dog Show History,Featured,Remembering Our Past? | Read More »

Looking Back With Lee On Teddy Young

Teddy Young Cocker Spaniel - 1993

Teddy was part of the local dog establishment and he was also, many times, a dinner companion or house guest to many of us during or after the shows.

July 20th, 2020 | Posted in Current Articles,Dog Show History,Featured,Remembering Our Past? | Read More »

One Man’s Opinion


Maxine Beam was judging at this show and it was great talking to her about old times when we were both handlers. Maxine is one of the really good dog judges that we have. She does not push herself and what you see is what you get. I love to watch her work because she is so methodical and knows what she is doing. People who have had that many good dogs through their hands and were successful are people that I tremendously respect in this sport. Maxine is one of the very few.

July 15th, 2020 | Posted in Dog Show History,Featured | Read More »

The Dog Show Game at a Crossroads


Now that I have taken Emeritus status from the dog show judges ranks having survived hundreds of shows, twenty three of them overseas, I thought it a good time to survey where we have been and where, perhaps, we are going.

I entered the fray when Ch. Rock Falls Colonel, the English Setter, and Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, the Boxer, were at the top of their form. For many that seems like a long time ago. For me, it seems only yesterday.

July 12th, 2020 | Posted in Dog Show History,Featured,Remembering Our Past? | Read More »

Broholmer – An Old Danish Dog

In 1982, the breed was officially recognized by the FCI,  which used the description from 1886, the only difference  being acceptance of the color black. (Photographer unknown)

It’s believed Danish and Norwegian Vikings who organized marauding expeditions to the British Islands from the 8th till the 11th century took Mastiff-like dogs home with them to Scandinavia, as stolen goods. A dog skeleton found by archaeologists in an old Viking village on the Island of Fyn had the form and shape of the Broholmer dog of today. Because local dogs in that time were far smaller and of a Spitz type, the theory about the ‘Viking dogs’ is considered correct. Additional proof is the so-called ‘Dalbo dog’, also a Mastiff type. This type of dog lived in Sweden until the end of the 19th century – another reason the Broholmer is considered a distant descendant of the dogs the Vikings took home with them ages ago.

July 10th, 2020 | Posted in Dog Show History,Featured,Remembering Our Past? | Read More »

Can a Breeder/Owner/Handler Win Westminster?

Ch. My Own Brucie 1941BIS

It’s 30 years and counting since a breeder/owner/handler worked that magic. According to Westminster spokesman David Frei… “Will it ever happen again? I believe it will …” We’ll find out on February 17th. See you there!

July 10th, 2020 | Posted in Dog Show History,Featured | Read More »

Tuesday Time Travel

Time Travel Tuesday

Can you name late and great judge pictured handling a Wire Fox Terrier circa 1957?  Find out later this afternoon during Will Alexander’s new video, Will’s Time Capsule on The Canine Chronicle!

July 7th, 2020 | Posted in Dog Show History,Remembering Our Past?,The Buzz | Read More »

Remembering Alexander “Sandy” C. Schwartz

Kentucky Derby winner Bold Venture

By Lee Canalizo To read the complete article click here 210 – September, 2012 From the archives of The Canine Chronicle, September, 2012 Sometimes I have a“plan for my next article and sometimes someone’s name just pops into my head and I say, “Where did he/she/that come from?” I seldom question the who, what or [...]

July 6th, 2020 | Posted in Dog Show History,Featured,Remembering Our Past? | Read More »


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