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Center Stage – with Zena Thorn-Andrews

K9 Chronicle Zena Thorn-Andrews 2 Crufts

In the first edition of my column in The Canine Chronicle, I could not think of a better person to review than our very own UK top all rounder judge, breeder and exhibitor, Mrs. Zena Thorn-Andrews (Drakesleat). A breeder of over 120 UK Champions, and the only judge to award CCs in the UK to all breeds and also a recognized judge of all breeds under FCI recognition.

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Logic 101 and Breed Varieties


Shortly after I had settled into my aisle seat on the flight from Atlanta to Portland, this fortyish man in a rather rumpled tweedy suit stopped and informed me that he had the window seat. I got up and let him in. Almost immediately he told me that he had spent several days in Atlanta and was now enroute to Oregon to attend another conference there. Then he asked if I was on my way home to Portland.

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Adjusting to Reality


On occasion it seems useful and salutary to reflect upon the state of our sport as it relates to how we act in relation to one another, how we go about the business of practicing respect, how we view the central role of sportsmanship in all of the various activities which we undertake. What beneficial effect this might have is anyone’s guess but one never quite knows, especially among newer comers into our midst. And perhaps even some old-timers might welcome a cognitive refresher in this area.

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The Handler-Client Relationship

Photo ©Lisa Croft-Elliott

The client, first of all, must have a worthy dog and must be able to afford to compete, i.e., handler fees, entry fees, advertising; and they must be willing to pay each in a timely manner. The client must be capable of communicating with the handler as well as others. More importantly, the client should be a humble loser as well as a gracious winner. A temperamental, arrogant owner can materially influence the show career of a dog. An owner must be appreciative of the merits as well as the faults of his dog and respect the qualities of the competition’s dog. It is helpful if the owner is a true dog lover and not just a wealthy person who buys and promotes dogs just to massage their ego.

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Looking Back – The Canine Chronicle June 1992 Cover

1992 June

Linda Pitts pictured with CH Marinwink’s One Moment In Time

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One Man’s Opinion – Back At The Garden

one mans op

The California handlers only went to the East Coast once a year and that was for the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. It was almost like a territorial thing where we would take our best and see how they would fare with the best of the East and Midwest.

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1973 Chargin Valley

  Can you name the knowledgeable and respected AKC judge pictured showing circa 1973? Let us know your guesses at We look forward to your participation!     Don’t forget! Do you have a fun photo that you would like to share for #TimeTravelTuesday? Email Cheslie at with your photos.

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The Power of Positive Judging


In the horse game, there is no question but what we would all benefit by having professional judges, just like the baseball leagues have professional umpires and referees. The horse business is large, and there is a great deal of money involved, and a great deal of pride in winning.

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Sunday Giggles

Sunday Giggles

We are proud to share a 3 minute cartoon from the 1960s with Mornin’ Ralph; Mornin’ Sam – Ralph Wolf & Sam Sheepdog. Take a short moment from your day to watch it. We are certain it will make you laugh a bit.

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In the Eyes of the Artist – The Border Collie


Fourteenth-century engravers, 18th-century painters and yesterday’s photographers all show us dogs as seen through their eyes. Their work is an enlightening way to follow the development of breeds and how they were seen in the eyes of the artist.

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