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Table Talk · May 18, 2022


Also celebrating wedding anniversaries this week are Vickie Seiler-Cushman and Dr. Jeff Cushman, and Tuni and Ernie Conti. Happy Anniversary to all of you.

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Table Talk · May 11, 2022


Many folks look forward to the Bucks and Trenton weekend on the East Coast. Unfortunately, the weather gods had different plans for Bucks this year as severe weather including strong winds and heavy rains caused the show to be cancelled. With much hard work and re-organizing, club volunteers and John Miller and the Site Control crew were able to re-arrange things so the Trenton shows could be held on Sunday and Monday. Their efforts allowed Trenton to celebrate their 100th anniversary.

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International Kennel Club Of Chicago – Announces The Chicago Dog Of The Year Challenge, An Additional Weekend And Brand New Venue


The International Kennel Club of Chicago (IKC), whose iconic Chicago Dog Show is already scheduled to return to McCormick Place in August 2023, has announced an additional winter weekend in January at a brand new venue. The new weekend will allow for an unprecedented invitational event spanning both IKC show weekends and culminating in the [...]

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Table Talk · May 4, 2022


I am pleased to report that Dr. Carmen Battaglia is recovering from his heart surgery. Doctors have encouraged him to slow down and heal! We look forward to having you back soon, Carmen! In the meantime, take it easy, get some much-needed rest, and get well soon.

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Table Talk · April 27, 2022


The National Owner Handled Series (note that it is Owner Handled, NOT Owner Handler) is a popular topic of conversation on social media as well as in-person conversations among fanciers (yes, there are still those rare face to face conversations among fanciers). I have enjoyed several of these conversations and would like to share some [...]

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Table Talk · April 20, 2022


Unfortunately, Dr. Carmen Battaglia did not make it back to the show to judge on Saturday. He went to the hospital after the show on Friday with chest pain. Dr. Battaglia had a mild heart attack, and two stints were put in him. I am told he will rest for a couple of weeks and then he’ll be back in the ring as well as hosting his popular seminars. Feel better soon, Carmen! We are anxiously awaiting your return.

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Table Talk · 04/13/22


On April 6th AKC Event Operations published a clarification of the NOHS guidelines as follows:

Professional handlers, household members, and current assistants to professional handlers in conformation are not eligible to exhibit in this competition. A professional handler is defined as any person that belongs or has belonged to a professional handlers’ organization, distributed rate cards, or otherwise advertised or represented themselves as handling dogs for pay within the last five years. A current assistant is defined as anyone employed by a professional handler on a full-time basis or assisting a professional handler at the show or any show during the cluster/weekend. Unpaid assistants would not be eligible for NOHS during the cluster/weekend they are assisting the professional.

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Table Talk · April 6, 2022


If you know me at all, you know I love awards show season! Last week many of you were kind enough to give a shout-out to my Oscar Awards analogy about Will Smith and Lady Gaga.  Thank you all for your kind words! Keep the analogy in mind when you have visions of giving someone a [...]

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Makings of The Equine Chronicle Dress


“Lola’s runway look was made by looping, folding, taping, and stapling hundreds of strips of The Equine Chronicle magazine in an intricate pattern.”

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Manitowoc County Kennel Club, Inc.- Thursday, March 31, 2022

Vanderbilt N Printemps Lucky Strike

Show Name: Manitowoc County Kennel Club Location: Manitowoc, WI Show Date: Thursday, March 31, 2022 Total Entry: 734 Best In Show Judge: Mr. Brian Meyer Show Photographer(s): Booth Photo • Website: Dog Reg: GCHP Vanderbilt N Printemps Lucky Strike [Dog] Breed: Samoyed Handler: Laura King Owner: J & B Elford, M Ralsky & C Pacht-Ralsky [...]

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