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#TriviaTuesday – Can You Guess This Dog Breed?

What breed of dog am I?

  • I am a breed in the Toy group; often called the ‘Monkey Dog.’
  • I am a sturdy, compact dog with medium bone, not delicate in any way; my height at the withers is 9 1?2 to 11 1?2 inches. My head is in proportion to my body, carried confidently with monkey-like facial expression. My eyes are round, dark, brilliant, and of medium size in proportion to the head but not bulging or protruding. My gait is light, free, sound, balanced and confident. I carry myself with ‘comic seriousness.’
  • Many years ago, my original job was to exterminate rats and other pests in German stables of the 1600s. Eventually I was brought indoors to rid the kitchen of mice. In time, I became a dual-purpose dog: ratters by day, and devoted bed-warming companions for the lady of the house by night.

Correct Answer: Affenpinscher


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