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The Big E – Endorphins Make You Happy

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258 – April, 2024

By Elaine Lessig

The whole subject of endorphins came into my purview when I began reading a fashion-related article online from the By now, you all are well-acquainted with the fact that I keep my “eye on fashion” at all times. The headline of the feature read, “Popular clothing retailer shuts down unexpectedly,” written by Daniel Kline for The Street on March 16, 2024. He explains some companies who start as digital businesses (DTC: directly to consumers) also start selling in brick and mortar retail stores, too. The concept is sales made in the store, where the consumer can actually see and touch the merchandise, will result in future online orders from return buyers. The problem with that, according to Mr. Kline, is eventually, operational costs of the physical stores begin affecting profitability. When the pendulum swings in that direction, the cost of maintaining storefronts is a losing one.

Now, what in the world do endorphins have in relation to retail clothing sales? My best attempt at a response comes from Mr. Kline, who quotes from the active wear website which recently closed its stores, “…having friends–is the surest way to a happy and healthy life.” The reference from the website concludes with the following: “…you learn that moving creates endorphins, and ENDORPHINS MAKE YOU HAPPY.” They do that and more. Endorphins are the hormones released in your body to confront pain or stress. Fortunately, endorphins react to pleasurable activities, too. (We can all think of quite a few of those, I would expect.)

What we are left with here is a premise–being active with friends and buying active wear can produce endorphins. They will surge as you fall on your skis while you are wearing the great outfit which provided your “shopper’s glow” when you purchased it. There are, however, far more ways we gain value from our endorphins. I cannot think of a better place than Dogdom to demonstrate my point.

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258 – April, 2024

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