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Delayed Recognition Couldn’t Stop One Of AKC’s Most Popular Breeds

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158 – June, 2024

By Amy Fernandez

Brand-new, first-time breeds have become a regular feature of Westminster. Generally, multiple breeds receive the star treatment as they make their debut on the green carpet. That aspect of the show has become almost commonplace, as has AKC’s almost constant introduction of new breeds. More than a few exhibitors have suggested that this is too much, too fast.

It’s definitely a stark contrast to most of AKC history. Regardless of credibility or paper trail, breeds traditionally encountered decades of frustration as they knocked on the door. And that did not end once they got into the studbook. Miscellaneous Class was essentially the place where breeds were parked until their proponents finally gave up the quest.

Rather than replaying my decades of personal experience with that situation, I will revisit the interesting saga of Sartorious Kennels. Located in Patterson, New York, a wealthy little enclave on the edge of Connecticut, the breeding program was mainly known for its Miniature Poodles.

It was established in partnership by John Anderson, a British expat, and Phillipe Tourneye, a native of France. They were both high profile personalities in their respective careers before relocating to the US. Anderson was a bona fide celebrity in Britain, with a career in modeling and television. Tourneye was an established fashion designer based in Paris. In both fields, New York promised and delivered an equal measure of success. They also arrived with impressive dog credentials. Anderson was seriously involved in Poodles before making the move and had developed a bloodline of apricot Minis while living in England. Tourneye was likewise seriously into the sport, to the extent of Kennel Club membership.

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158 – June, 2024

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