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Canine Pancreatitis

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126 – November/December, 2023

By William Given

The canine pancreas is an oddly-shaped, boomerang-looking, organ situated next to the stomach and near the initial section of the small intestine. The pancreas has two primary functions: the production of insulin and storage of digestive enzymes. These enzymes are normally stored in an inactive form while in the pancreas. After a dog eats, the digestive enzymes become active when released by the pancreas into the small intestine.

If the digestive enzymes become prematurely active while still in the pancreas, the result is pancreatitis. Activated pancreatic enzymes can cause systemic inflammation and damage the liver and gastrointestinal tract if they gain access to the circulatory system or enter the abdominal cavity. In severe cases, a dog may experience clotting abnormalities or even multiple organ dysfunction.

Causes of pancreatitis

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126 – November/December, 2023

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