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Table Talk · March 30, 2022


Our deepest sympathies go out to Daryl Martin whose sister, Marna Martin, passed away suddenly Friday night. The Last Lady of Song, and known as “Marna Moo” by her family will be missed by many.

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Remembering Wayne Boyd

ROSES in arms

It is with sorrow and fond memories that we report the passing of Wayne Boyd.

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Table Talk · March 23, 2022


Unfortunately, there was another case of a judge who probably should not have been standing center ring this past weekend. The judge was rude to exhibitors to the point of yelling at them and being downright mean. Several seasoned exhibitors have voiced their concern and disappointment, with the biggest concern being how this individual’s behavior would affect new exhibitors. What I am hearing is that those that showed to this judge this past weekend are certain a new exhibitor would never return. This issue seems to be occurring more and more. While we want to be inclusive to those that have been in the sport for a long time, one must realize that there are cases where we are not doing a judge any favors by putting them in a situation where they can no longer perform the duties of judging. Rudeness and lack of respect and kindness to exhibitors should not be tolerated!

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Table Talk · March 16, 2022


Week Three of my March marathon continues with one of my all-time favorites–the Kentuckiana Cluster in Louisville, Kentucky. Once again, the Pomeranian National will be held across the street at the Crown Plaza. This year’s national is very special as my friend, Curtiss Smith, will be judging! Kudos to the club for selecting a breeder/handler judge. Curtiss shared some great thoughts on the eve of his judging assignment:

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Table Talk · March 9, 2022


Those of you who have not sent in your free reserved grooming for Louisville to Nina Fetter should do so immediately! The reservation form can be found in the premium list located at Reservations should be sent to An alphabetical list of reservations that have been received and will be posted this week on the Louisville Kennel Club Facebook page and Nina Fetter’s Facebook page.

There will be fundraising efforts at Crufts. All donations made to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust between now and midnight on March 13th will be directed toward the Ukranian appeal and thereafter a donation option for the Ukraine will remain on the website. There will be collection points throughout the show. You can find a link to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust at

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Around The Rings from the Kennel Club Of Beverly Hills by Elaine Lessig

a IMG_1538

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Kerrin Winter-Churchill is coming to Louisville!


  Kerrin Winter-Churchill is coming to Louisville!   Don’t miss your chance to have your dog photographed by this world-class show dog photographer with over 40 years of experience. Her photos have graced the pages and covers of many magazines including The Canine Chronicle.   Here is your chance to schedule a custom photo shoot [...]

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A Statement from the Author of Conflict of Interest and Impropriety


Focusing on the attribution of the article rather than on the deeper questions it asks disharges our obligations as members/voters/participants/exhibitors/judges in the sport of dogs to live and play by common shared ethical standards and to work together to make rules that effectively close loopholes and promote true sportsmanship for the betterment of dogs.

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Table Talk · March 2, 2022


Several years ago, the judge voted in to judge the Best of Breed class at my national specialty had a known relationship with the dog/owners of an actively shown special. They travelled to shows together regularly and had a close relationship: They bred dogs together and had a close friendship. They were not members of the same household, and did not co-own the dog in question, so they were not breaking any rules. Sadly, I fully expected this dog would be exhibited to this individual–after all, there was no rule against it, right? As expected, the dog was shown, and won the Breed. In my opinion, the entry for the Breed class at this national would have been larger if this conflict of interest did not exist. Further, in my opinion, in this situation the win was tainted by the facts at hand.

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Conflicts of Interest and Impropriety

and Impropriety

After filing a formal complaint, as I was instructed, to the Officers and Directors of the AKC, the various show chairpeople of the shows at this cluster and the show chairman of the Westminster Kennel Club, where I could see this judge figured prominently on the panel, and then a lengthy back and forth email exchange with the Judges Operations Department (no one else responded to my letter), the AKC position was that no rules were broken and the exhibitor was eligible to show. In their argument, the AKC cited several examples of similar instances where the definition of household had been the basis for determining conflict or no conflict of interest: where children of judges were allowed to show at clusters where a parent was judging because they did not live at the same address, and where a certain exhibitor was excused from the group ring at Westminster because he resided at the same property as the judge.

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