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AKC Statement on Use of a Club Name


The management of an event must be the responsibility of the AKC club which has been approved to hold the event. To fulfill this responsibility, there are activities that must be performed by the host club, sometimes in combination with the management of a cluster of events. Responsibility for these activities cannot be delegated to third party service providers.

The policy is as follows –

The Use of a Club’s Name for Show Purposes Cannot be Transferred…

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The Star of Bethlehem Cluster Shines On


A Message from Star of Bethlehem Cluster Show Chairs:
We fully intend to hold our shows in Morgantown, PA December 9-13, 2020.
Entries close NOVEMBER 25th at noon EST

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Remembering Roger Hartinger – By Deb Cooper

Roger hartinger

Our thoughts and prayers go to Paula, his loving wife of 64 years, and the rest of their family. If you have photos or memories, please include them the in comments on Facebook.

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Table Talk · November 18, 2020


Long-time AKC judge Beth Speich has passed away. Beth was loved and respected by all who had the pleasure of knowing her and she will be sorely missed. Our condolences to her family and friends.

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Around The Rings at Greater Ocala Dog Club


Here are a few Around The Rings from Greater Ocala Dog Club Check out more photos in The Annual Issue of The Canine Chronicle

November 16th, 2020 | Posted in Around The Ring Galleries | Read More »

Table Talk · November 11, 2020


Ric and Lea Plaut are on their way to their new home in Alabama. Southern California will not be the same without you guys! Safe travels and best wishes in your new home.

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The Sloughi – An Ancient Hound Whose DNA Predates Christ


Famed for their seaworthy boats and skilled celestial navigation, the Phoenicians are generally considered the instigators of matchmaking between Asian and North African dogs that resulted in quite a few breeds. Phoenicians colonized much of the Mediterranean by 1200 BC, founded Carthage in 814 BC, and eventually monopolized all major trade routes within this vast territory until the fifth century BC.

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Table Talk · November 4, 2020


A very special Happy Birthday to Lorraine Boutwell who will be celebrating her 90th birthday this week! While Lorraine has reduced the number of dogs she will judge in a day, and sticks to judging nor more than two days, she is still doing a great job center ring. If you would like to drop Lorraine a birthday wish, her address is…

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The Dire Wolf Discovery

Dire Wolf

Back in 2017 a Chinese mining operation unearthed something odd. Although it took a little time to sort out the details they dredged up fossil remains of something closely approximating the Dire Wolf

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Table Talk · October 28, 2020


The hotel blocks for the AKC National Championship and lead-up shows in Orlando in December have opened. If you have not yet booked your room, now is the time!
Healing thoughts to Elizabeth Salewsky who is recovering from a broken rib and bruised neck from an on-the-job injury. Thanks for serving and protecting us (and making us laugh), Elizabeth! Heal quickly! The next Cromicles scene will be up as soon as Crom is done taking care of Elizabeth!

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