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Table Talk – April 25, 2018

The AKC Event Operations group sent out clarification on the regulations governing Junior Showmanship. Apparently, there has been some question regarding whether Juniors can show in the National Owner Handler Series (NOHS) or not. Frankly, I do not understand why anyone would question whether a Junior showing a dog he or she owned in NOHS is eligible. Isn’t this why the competition was established??? For those that required clarification, the AKC’s position on the topic is that a Junior CAN show in the NOHS series provided THEY own the dog. If that Junior is working for, or assisting a professional handler, however, that affects the Junior’s eligibility to show in the NOHS competition.

I feel we should provide our Junior handlers every possible chance to learn, and the NOHS is one of those opportunities. Judges that own dogs can show in NOHS, so why shouldn’t Juniors be allowed? Thus, if implementing the rules consistently, if a Junior is eligible to show in Junior Showmanship, and they own the dog, they should be eligible to show in the NOHS. This is just my opinion.

Regarding handler’s assistants, Juniors are not allowed to accept compensation to show dogs. They are permitted to accept compensation to assist a handler. I do understand that if a Junior handler shows dogs for that handler as part of their duties, they are, in turn, being paid to show dogs and should NOT be eligible to show in NOHS. Once again, we are asking people to be honest and ethical, which is a great lesson for our Juniors (and their parents).

I was at Purina Farms this past week for the Poodle Club of America (PCA). This is one of the hardest working clubs I have ever seen and I want to give a shout out to all PCA members that have a part in putting together their National. This is the second year that the Poodles were at the Farm after being relocated from Salisbury, Maryland. While there is no sod in the ring at the Purina Event Center, the site of all the impeccably groomed poodles in each of the varieties is a site to behold and, in my opinion, every dog person should have PCA on their bucket list to attend at least once. Not only do the PCA members work very hard to run a great national, but they also do a spectacular job fundraising. There are a lot of terrific lessons to be learned from attending this particular national. Congratulations to the PCA exhibitors and winners, and hats off to all of your hard work!

I have heard from several folks that there were issues, for the second year in a row, with the RV parking in Perry, Georgia recently. Sadly, there are several exhibitors who are saying that they will not return due to the way they were treated, which is unfortunate. It is my hope that the cluster committee will address these concerns so exhibitors and entries are not lost.

I am very pleased to report that our friend Moe Miyagawa has turned a corner!!!!!! Moe is responsive and he recognized Cynthia! Cynthia reports that Moe’s prognosis has been upgraded and he is not in pain. We all know he is as tough as nails and I’m sure everyone joins me in wishing Moe a speedy recovery. If you would like to send a card, please send to: Moe Miyagawa, c/o Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, 400 N. Pepper Ave., Room 2304, Colton, CA 92324. I am sure he would love to hear from all of his friends and supporters!

I am happy to report that Sheltie fancier Karen Hannah has recovered from her recent heart surgery and is returning to the ring. Don’t over-do it, Karen! We are thrilled you are back.

Bruce Schwartz is off on a fabulous journey to Prague, Czechoslovakia. Safe travels, my friend. I cannot wait to hear about the trip when you return!

Matt Hoagland is off with his sister on his dream trip to France. I was wondering why you were not at PCA, my friend: A trip to France is a GREAT reason to miss your national.

Celebrating birthdays this week are: Lori Johnson, Tooti Longo, Rhonda Holloway, Nina Fetter, Rowan Baggenstos, Correy Krickeberg, Ivonne Rangel, CJ Favre, Debbie Butt, Emily Thiel, George Milutinovich and Alissa Welling.

Wherever your travels take you this week, keep an eye out for someone that needs a welcoming nod, and please be careful. If you get tired, PULL OVER!!!! Until next time…

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