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Toledobe Doberman Pinschers – Pat & Judy Doniere

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116 – July, 2017


Some breeds are known to be notoriously challenging, no place for the weak or clueless. At the top of that heap there are a few where only ironclad experts and demented thrill-seekers dare venture. Then there’s the Doberman ring.

“My mom was a little tiger,” says Tami Byroads. “Her other hobby was judo and karate. She had a whole group of friends who would come to the house with these boards cut into squares about an inch thick and they would break ‘em all over the house. We had to be careful not to walk around the house barefoot because the carpet was always full of splinters. My mom could break three or four boards stacked together. She would jump up and hit them with her foot and bust them in midair. Nobody messed with her, she was little but mighty.”

She continues, “People sometimes boarded horses with us and we would get these really wild things and that was a challenge for my mom. She loved trying to get on that horse and break it. She would get thrown like a hundred times and come in all broken up. But the next week she would be back on it. Compared to that, getting into Dobermans was absolutely nothing for her.” Case closed.

The Toledobes bloodline established by Pat and Judy Doniere has earned a well-deserved place in dog show history, no easy feat in a breed overrun with famous names and astounding accomplishments. Judy’s devotion to Dobermans, which began with a childhood pet, was destined to hit the dog world like a shockwave. Pat Doniere couldn’t have foreseen where things were headed. “She made my dad promise to buy her a Doberman before she agreed to marry him. That was her wedding present. His name was Champ. He was just a pet but my mom loved him and my dad grew fond of him,” Tami says. Conventional aspects of the Toledobe story end there.

She says, “Next thing, when they got back from their honeymoon, he brought her a little cute bitch named Kim. She ended up being my sister Vicki’s dog. We all had our own dogs.” And it wasn’t long before they needed another one because Tami arrived 18 months after Vicki and Lori came along three years later.

The endless, exhausting demands of raising three young children are generally sufficient to monopolize the average person’s time and energy. Taking on a physically, mentally, and technically challenging hobby involving lots of travel on top of that requires a somewhat remarkable character. “My mom had always been a little interested in showing dogs.

Click here to read the complete article
116 – July, 2017

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