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The Big E – Euphoria

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88 – March 2019


The sounds of euphoria echo in my brain in much the same way that I actually heard them for two days recently. From the early hours of judging on the Piers, through the evening hours of groups, and finally Best In Show, the rousing cries of joy and elation filled the air. They came in waves as one decision after another was made. They came from exhibitors, owners, handlers, spectators, nearby, and several rings away, too. In those moments, some were rewarded and others were defeated. These would be times to remember forever or one of those times too difficult to ever forget.

Now, the judge hands out the ribbons, medallions, and certificates to each of the fortunate few. The victorious can barely wait to exit the ring, to celebrate the win with family, clients, supporters and fans, and to send texts announcing the big news. Now the photographer enters the ring, the excitement is obvious to those both inside the ring and those gathered ringside. The winners have big smiles on their faces and words of thanks to share with the judge while they wait. Now it is time to capture the image that each winner will treasure forever. After several attempts to get the perfect photo, the words “got it” are heard as the flash from the camera ceases.

The exhilaration continues as the winners head toward the benches to relive every delicious moment over and over again. There they accept the generous congratulations of their competitors who are doing their very best to be good sports. There is no denying the obvious. For the triumphant, this exchange is sweet. For those who bear the disappointment, bittersweet. It comes with the territory in every competition. Personal photos are taken with the colorful rosettes. More hugs are shared. Finally, the dogs are returned to their crates to wait until benching ends and they make that exciting trip for the benching at Madison Square Garden for the groups.

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88 – March 2019

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