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Royal Dog Of Madagascar – The History of the Coton de Tulear

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252 – October, 2014

By Amy Fernandez

AKC exhibitors have become accustomed to new breeds popping up in the group lineups. In many respects, their presence represents a refreshing turnaround from AKC’s traditional begrudging reluctance to admit new breeds. They didn’t do it very often, and when they did, the process was generally a chaotic affair. Over the years, breeds have been admitted to the studbook sans viable gene pools, written standards, or organized clubs. The detriment of various errors and omissions only became apparent in retrospect. AKC’s Jack Russell/Russell Terrier debacle epitomized the pitfalls of premature recognition.

Generally, the problems are somewhat less colorful than accidentally mixing two breeds in the studbook. But until recently, the ordeal has not been characterized by careful forethought and planning. Over the past decade, AKC has been industriously repaving that rough road to recognition. The process has become far more efficient and standardized, and breeds are scrutinized every step of the way to AKC competition.

Despite this micromanagement to ensure their readiness, new breeds invariably arrive with plenty of unresolved issues hindering their success. Typical disadvantages include buggy breed standards, genetic pitfalls, and mismanaged parent clubs. But the recent arrival of the Coton de Tulear in the Non-Sporting Group on July 2 has introduced a new twist to the perpetual drama of purebred dogs.

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