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Mediation Moves into the Mainstream

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186 – April, 2018


Mediation is the art of conducting a discussion, voluntarily and confidentially, among participants in dispute. A mediator acts as a neutral third-party and facilitator in the room. Mediators allow the parties to tell their respective stories without interruption. Conflicts over animals always seem to carry with them long stories that need to be told, heard and understood before real constructive solutions can be explored. The beauty of using this process is that it allows everyone to do just that.

Recently, the AKC gave additional credibility to its long-held position of encouraging participants in AKC services and events to seek out alternative dispute resolution processes (mediation, mediation/arbitration (med/arb) or arbitration) to resolve conflicts before resorting to litigation. Prior to January 2018, the AKC’s Working It Out booklet only suggested participants use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes to resolve dis- agreements or conflicts. Now the AKC has created the Working It Out Program(sm) with its new partner, The International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR) (https://www.cpradr.org). CPR is the effectuating arm of the AKC’s new alternative dispute resolution program, (Link here)

Congratulations go out to Jay Waks, AKC Vice President-Legal, Heather McManus, AKC Deputy General Counsel and Helena Tavares Erickson, CPR SVP for creating this program. By creating this plan the AKC gives its endorsement to the use of alternative dispute resolution.

The AKC’s long-held position is that it does not adjudicate conflicts between people over registrations or events. Now, by partnering with CPR, the AKC has hired a Professional Alternative Dispute Resolution company to administrate the ADR process. It is an additional tool for people to use who cannot work out their differences using traditional AKC methods. The hope is that less litigation will ensue.

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186 – April, 2018

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