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First Impressions Can Be Deceiving

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218 – October, 2018


Breeds change constantly; good or bad, no gene pool remains static. The problem is that we tend to gauge this in terms of stats and ads. What’s winning. What’s not. That looks pretty nice. OMG check this out! We never realize just how those handy resources threaten to sabotage our sensibilities or, more crucially, derail our evaluation skills.

Because what are we really looking at here? Presentation. We base these opinions primarily on superficial, highly subjective observations. Yes, first impressions are important, but how much do we really look beyond that? We think we do, but judging by the endless quality complaints from every sector of the sport. Obviously not enough.

Maybe we have become way too hooked on instant optics – to the point of forgetting the how and why of looking deeper. If so, that spells trouble for the future. Because if we lose the plot and stop investigating that intrinsic cause and effect basis of true type, well…it’s time to pack up and go home because all of this becomes a meaningless exercise. Yeah, this is a long intro, but this topic is overdue for more coverage so just stay in the truck. Let’s get to something we all love talking about. I mean it’s a multimillion dollar industry: Grooming.

Everybody takes a walk through their breed’s historical high- lights and most of us can check the boxes as far as superstars of the past. But when confronted with actual visual evidence, frequently the sole source of information regarding their genetic legacy, the usual reaction is blah…they look so much better now. In part, that’s because we have lost the cultural indoctrination that once made pictorial references so endlessly fascinating.

We don’t dissect and compare, especially when confronted with a bunch a blurry black and white photos the size of postage stamps. Why bother when a click reveals another visual fruit salad. That endless eye candy has not only dulled our evaluation skills, but it’s encouraged precisely the shortsighted viewpoints that everybody complains about but never considers themselves to be complicit in creating the problem. The dog game has always been a minefield of treachery but this is a uniquely modern pitfall.

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218 – October, 2018

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