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Dog Dialog App

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146 – March, 2018

By Debra Vey Voda Hamilton, Mediator/Esquire

They are currently seeing in the conformation and performance arenas. From this passion can spring disagreements and misunderstandings about what makes a better dog. Even among those who think similarly, disagreements on the finer points of a standard can pop up. Add to this the constant stress, caused by clever ad- vertising from rescue organizations that purebred dogs are unnecessary, and you will often see the fur fly.

In today’s technological world it seems like we have an App for everything. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had an App that would help everyone become better educated on both sides of the dog issue, purebred and adopt don’t shop? This App could gently educate the public on the love and service that goes into breeding purebred dogs. It would also help owners and breeders better understand the reasons why people may choose a dog without a pedigree.

What if an educational App could positively address each position with current facts that are updated regularly? This App would help everyone focus on the greater goals of healthier dogs, less unwanted breedings and responsible pet ownership and breeding. The App would not take sides or condemn one side over the other. Rather, it would provide education on differing attitudes, clarify misunderstandings and foster conversations among differing viewpoints.

If this imaginary App existed, it could help current and future purebred and mixed-breed dog owners engage in a less heated conversation. It might be called the DOG DIALOGUE (DD App). It would provide guidance for everyone wanting to learn more about the various aspects of dog ownership. It would supply impartial information about the differences between the terms purebred, designer bred, and mixed breed companions. The App would allow participants to tune in and reflect on their previous dog ownership history. Maybe, a survey could be utilized to collect current perceptions and perspectives of past pet ownership. After gaining an objective education from this App another survey might be used to see how this educational information took disagreement out of the discussion.

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146 – March, 2018

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