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Table Talk · January 31, 2024


  In addition to the many dog shows around the country this past weekend, there was another event that is very important to our sport, and it was held at the Javits Center in New York City.  Meet The Breeds was once again the hot ticket in NYC for spectators thanks to AKC and the [...]

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Table Talk · January 24, 2024


As if there was any doubt, Winter has definitely arrived! Yes, Mother Nature reminds us all who is in control this time of year! This past week the Rose City Classic held in Portland, Oregon–a favorite cluster of exhibitors in the Pacific Northwest that is well-attended by fanciers from around the country–was challenged by a [...]

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Table Talk · January 17, 2024


The beginning of the show year is filled with excitement.  It’s fun to watch dogs start their specials career. You can feel the excitement of the owners and handlers as they guide their new hopefuls on the path to what they hope is stardom.  There should be no stress as we watch the development of [...]

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Table Talk · January 10, 2024


While there, I was able to talk to many wonderful fanciers who shared their views, stories, and opinions and celebrated some wins! Among those I had the chance to interview were Chairman of the Board of the American Kennel Club, Tom Davies; Past Chairman of the American Kennel Club Board, David Merriam; and Dr. Jerry Klein, Chief Veterinary Officer of the American Kennel Club. I was also able to get a few minutes with dedicated club volunteers including John Low, who is President of the Kennel Club of Palm Springs, and Angie Stevanus, who is the Kennel Club of Palm Springs Show Chair. This is just a sampling of the great interviews you can see on the Canine Chronicle Facebook Page, our Canine Chronicle website, and Canine Chronicle TV! If you have not had the opportunity, please take a moment to watch these great interviews.

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TABLE TALK · January 3, 2024


Those fanciers who are traveling to Shaumburg, IL for the International Kennel Club of Chicago shows in January in an RV, please pay close attention to the premium list! While RVs will be allowed to park, the village has an ordinance that will not allow individuals to stay in their motorhomes overnight! Please be sure you have made alternative sleeping accommodations.

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Table Talk · December 27, 2023


Table Talk · December 27, 2023 Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope you all take time during this short break between show years to rest, recharge, spend time with loved ones and reflect on the past year. During this time many dogs go home to begin the next chapter of their life. Let us not [...]

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Did You know? Dog Show Photographers…

The iconic photo of Tryst and Treasure

Have a varied and vivid history

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Table Talk · December 20, 2023


Michael Canalizo and the AKC staff did a fantastic job of making the AKC National Championship a memorable experience for all. Thank you for all your hard work…In case you didn’t know, Wayne Cavanaugh fell ill and was hospitalized after his first day judging in Orlando. Fortunately, he is on the mend and safely made his way home to Michigan.

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Table Talk · December 13, 2023


Please stop by the Canine Chronicle booth at the Orlando shows. We have a new look and l would love to hear what you think! For those of you who cannot be with us in Orlando, we will do our best to bring you fun video coverage from the shows!

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Table Talk · December 6, 2023


I can’t wait to see everyone in Orlando!

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