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#TriviaTuesday – Can You Guess This Dog Breed?

What breed of dog am I?

  • I am a breed in the Terrier group; the 145th breed recognized by the American Kennel Club.
  • To function as a working terrier, I must possess certain characteristics: a ready attitude, alert and confident; balance in height and length; medium in size and bone, suggesting strength and endurance. Important to breed type is a natural appearance: harsh, weatherproof coat with a compact construction and clean silhouette. My coat is broken or smooth. I have a small, flexible chest to enable me to pursue my quarry underground and sufficient length of leg to follow the hounds.

  • I am a bold, friendly, athletic and clever terrier. I was developed in the south of England in the 1800′s as a white terrier to work European red fox both above and below ground. I possess a tireless ground covering trot displaying good reach in front with the hindquarters providing plenty of drive.

Correct Answer: Parson Russell Terrier

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