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#TriviaTuesday – Can You Guess This Dog Breed?

What breed of dog am I?

  • I am a breed in the Working group; the most ancient of French dog breeds.
  • I am an immensely powerful mastiff-type guardian with a short, eye-catching coat in a richly colored fawn. My massive head features a Bulldog-like undershot jaw, expressive eyes, and a deeply furrowed brow. It is, proportionately, the largest head in the canine kingdom. My body is stocky and close to the ground, but I can move like a lion when duty calls.
  • I am a gifted guardian possessing vigilance and great courage without aggressiveness. I am a very good companion, being attached to and affectionate toward my master.

Correct Answer: Dogue de Bordeaux

Short URL: https://caninechronicle.com/?p=282777

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