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Table Talk · May 3, 2023

Time and time again we are warned about the danger of leaving dogs in a closed vehicle on warmer days. Please note that I said warmer. As we all know, a vehicle sitting in the sun with no a/c and closed windows can be a death trap for dogs and humans. Even if the outside temperature is 75 degrees, a closed vehicle sitting in the sun can have temperatures quickly exceed 90 degrees or more. Imagine if the outside temperature is 80-90 degrees. The inside temp increases exponentially. We would expect anyone who loves dogs and has had experience showing and/or breeding them to be aware of this fact.

Unfortunately, this past weekend at the Del Sur Kennel Club Dog Show in Southern California on Saturday, a French Bulldog died in an overheated vehicle. This dog was in a black van parked in the sun. We do not know if he died because of being in that van, but we know that the dog died–and the van was hot. We also know there were other dogs in that van that, fortunately, survived.

The van, owned by a couple who was attending the show to judge, was left unattended at times while they went to fulfill their judging assignment. At some time, when they returned, the dog was dead. We were told a vet tried to revive the dog but was not successful. We cannot confirm if that happened.

A Bench Show Committee was convened; however, the rules state that results of a bench committee hearing are to be kept confidential. In this situation, some exhibitors and bystanders hoped the couple would not be back on the grounds Sunday. Much to their dismay, the couple returned the next day to complete their judging assignments. I’ll be sure to watch the Secretary’s Pages to see if further action is taken.

I am told the food vendor at the Santa Cruz/Santa Clara shows in Turlock was a no-show! The clubs were kind enough to order lunch and make it available to exhibitors. What a wonderful gesture of appreciation!  Several exhibitors went to the club and offered to donate toward the lunch. Once again, the fancy bands together to make lemonade out of lemons!!!!

We have chatted numerous times about how the internet and social media has changed the landscape of our sport. There is a great deal of information available on the internet, along with many social media groups that list resources, including handlers. What I have noticed on a lot of these social media groups is there are no credentials required to be listed as a professional handler. Experienced exhibitors have a responsibility to inform newcomers that they need to do a great deal of research prior to trusting someone with their dog! We must encourage those looking for a handler to check references, go to the handler’s kennel, check their vehicle and do as much research as possible about the individual–including their driving record, a background check, etc.

We have great news for Toy Dog Fanciers! The Progressive Dog Club will be back in February 2024!!!  The 2024 show will be held at the Sleepy Hollow Hotel in Tarrytown, New York! This is the same hotel that was one of the primary properties for Westminster when it was held at Lyndhurst in Tarrytown.  Tarrytown is only about 27 miles from midtown Manhattan.  Congratulations to Progressive on their comeback! We all hope next year’s show is a rousing success!

A Public Service Announcement to all those fanciers fortunate enough to be invited to group competition (both Owner/Handler and Regular Groups):  Always check the group order about a half-hour to an hour prior to the start of group judging to ensure that there are no order changes!!!

A heads-up to all vendors attending Woofstock (and other shows at the Vallejo grounds):  The county requires a temporary business license which costs $29/month or per event! Vendors can call 707-324-0647 for more information!!

AKC judge Rodney Merry has been feeling under the weather with some health issues over the past few months. He thanks everyone for their concern and well wishes. Rodney is finally starting to feel much better! We hope to see him back at shows soon!

After a much unwanted hiatus due to a broken leg, popular judge Charlotte Patterson will be back in the ring mid-May!!!!!!!  We are looking forward to having you back. You have been missed.

Fanciers celebrating birthdays this week include Steve Terry, Kimberly Meredith, Krista Musil, Doug Johnson (IN), Carrie Beaver, Paula Fultz, Cassandra Clark, Pam Lambie and Melanie Sorice.

Please remember this my friends!!!! Kindness is free!!! Sprinkle that stuff everywhere!

Be safe in your travels, and best of luck to all those heading to New York for the 147th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. I’ll see you there!!! Until next time…

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