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Table Talk · June 7, 2023



You have seen a new exhibitor at shows repeatedly for several weeks and notice that the quality of their dog, and the condition, is not good enough for it to be competitive. You notice the person is getting discouraged. While it is difficult to have a conversation with someone about their dog’s lack of quality or condition, you want to be helpful and not insult them, or scare them away. Talking to the person kindly while offering assistance and mentorship may be the difference of whether they continue to show or not. Find a convenient time to talk to this person. Welcome them to the sport. Find a positive attribute about their dog and commend them for their perseverance. If you can, show them a better example of the breed. If it is not your breed, recommend an individual who has history in the breed, and introduce them to each other–in person or by phone or email.

I have made this effort on several occasions. Only once did the individual say they were not interested in my help. That person disappeared after a short time, but I knew that I did what I could to be welcoming and helpful.

I bring this up because I recently talked to someone who attended a few dog shows with their new dog (who they now understand is the best pet in the world, but not a show dog­­–despite what the breeder told them) and after their experience they were not interested in showing their dog because of the “elitist” attitude of nearly everyone they encountered. I sincerely believe that most of the interactions at shows that people label as “elitist” are just hurried, distracted conversations. Think about the first time you showed up on the scene and what you needed to make your experience a positive one (regardless of how long ago that may have been).

Janice Hayes was a lucky girl on the Mission Circuit in Southern California! Julie and Kathy Jones (better known to all who love them as the Basenji sisters) had a little congratulatory celebration for Janice and Buddy’s recent Westminster win. As part of the celebration, Janice was lucky enough to get one of Kathy’s fabulous cakes! For those who do not know, Kathy is quite the artist when it comes to making amazing cakes (and topiaries). This reminds us all why we love dog shows and those who comprise it.

I hear Anna Stromberg broke her wrist loading trash and she is currently on the mend! Stay away from the trash, my friend!

The fancy is mourning the loss of all-breed judge Chuck Trotter. Chuck passed away in his sleep on June 4th with his son, Chuck Jr., and his wife, Pat, at his side. Chuck had recently celebrated his 90th birthday. Chuck Trotter began his career in dogs in 1958 as a breeder/owner/handler. He went on to become a professional handler. Chuck retired from his handling career in 1979 and became a judge. Our sincere condolences to Pat and the rest of their family and friends. Chuck will be sorely missed by the fancy. Donations in his memory can be made to Take The Lead at

Congratulations to Richard Green on his recent engagement to Kim Hall. Best wishes for a most awesome lifetime of love and adventure!

There are many fanciers who recently celebrated wedding anniversaries!!!  Terri and Paul Erickson, Colton and Heather Johnson, Erin and Keith Olsen, Jerry Klein and Daniel Wangler, and Luke and Rowan Baggenstos are all celebrating the day they said, “I DO”.  Best wishes for many more happy, healthy, prosperous years together!

This week’s birthday celebrations include:  Janet Lange, Kellie Miller, Judy Ellis, John Miller, Lois Snyder, Scott Pfeil, Terry Chacon, Tracy Zeitz, Jan Kolnik, Vienna Yeadon, Daniel Chavez, Jordan Olivera, Cathy Schaefer and Adam Levy.  Celebrate in style and may your next year bring joy to you all.

Remember this my friends:  If you want it, work for it! It is that simple!!!!

Best wishes for a most wonderful summer to all. For those of you attending Woofstock, please stop by the Purina Booth and say hi!!! I’d love to get photos of your best “hippie-wear” for the Canine Chronice Facebook page.

Be safe in your travels. I look forward to seeing you soon down the road. Until next time…

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