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Table Talk · June 12, 2024


Woofstock 2024… What a groovy cluster it was!!  Once again, the volunteers of the Woofstock Show Committee worked incredibly hard to host another amazing celebration of Peace, Love, and Dogs.  I hope you had an opportunity to enjoy some of the segments from our Table Talk Live! Coverage.  If you have not had the chance, please be sure to check them out on our Facebook page, caninechronicle.com or Canine Chronicle TV!

Any cluster of this magnitude is bound to throw a curve ball or two at the Show Committee.  This year, several uninvited guests–in the form of skunks–arrived on the scene causing a bit of commotion!  One of the persistent little rascals was locked in the men’s restroom until the appropriate authorities could be contacted.  Through it all, the show committee remained on top of the situation. I cannot make this stuff up, my friends!

During Thursday’s group judging, exhibitors notified the Show Committee that there were a lot of sand burrs in the ring.  Kimberly Meredith made sure the fairgrounds addressed the situation prior to Friday’s judging and the grass was mowed with a tool that vacuumed up the burrs.  This is an example of the attention to detail and care for exhibitors that the crew at Woofstock is famous for!  Congratulations on a job well done to all involved with this incredible cluster.  Thank you so much for your incredible hospitality.

It warms my heart to see all the fanciers that appreciate the effort the Woofstock volunteers made this year.  I am glad to see exhibitors offer their appreciation and support for our friends that work so hard to put on this celebration of peace, love and dogs year-in and year-out.

While Woofstock ‘25 will be one day of specialties and two days of all-breeds–instead of four days of all-breeds–it will still be the most awesome celebration of the sport with its traditional costume contest, fabulous decorations which always results in a most wonderful time for all.

On Friday afternoon at Woofstock, an Owner-Handler’s dog got loose.  Without thinking twice, several Professional Handlers including Ethan Coye, Erin Piercy-Foreman, Adriene Ghione and Terry Bernier rallied together to find and then catch the dog.  This effort involved going out on to the freeway!  Sadly, in the process, a couple of the handlers got scraped up, and Ethan Coye severely injured his foot/ankle.  Fortunately, due to the efforts of these kind, concerned fanciers, the dog was returned to his owner safe and sound, and it showed the following day.  I truly hope those who think or speak negatively of “dog people”, specifically professional handlers, think twice and remember this story!  THANK YOU to all who helped get this dog back to safety, and best wishes to Ethan for a speedy recovery!

This scenario brings home what Tom Grabe wrote about in his most recent Publisher’s Column, and if you have not read it, please do (https://caninechronicle.com/current-articles/from-the-publisher-53/):

“Just like people in our society, ALL dog people are not nasty, and ALL dog people are not good.  However, the good people far outnumber the bad ones.  The path to happiness is focusing on the good that people do and ignoring the bad.  It’s hard to do, but certainly worth the effort.”

Paul Clas and Chrystal Murray are enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Italy!  The trip sounds incredible with stops in Rome, Florence/Tuscany and Venice before returning home.  Enjoy your trip and safe travels home!

Sadly, Jason Hoke had to cancel his recent judging assignment in Midland, Michigan due to a foot issue.  We look forward to having you back in the ring asap, Jason!

Dennis O’Connor’s mother, Terri O’Connor, is home from the hospital.  She has her children and husband by her side, she’s assisted by home healthcare, and she’s on the mend.

We are sending healing thoughts to Katherine Wurz Smoot who is dealing with a very painful disc issue in her neck.  We look forward to having you back running left-handed circles soon, girlfriend!

Congratulations to the Kipp sisters who went Best In Show and Reserve Best In Show at the same show.  I am not sure, but I think that this may be a first for two sisters!  Not only did they do this once in a weekend, but twice; and this talented twosome traded the BIS and RBIS honors.  Way to go Dylan Kipp Keith and Devon Kipp Levy!

Fanciers celebrating anniversaries this week are:  Tracie and Tim Zeitz, Correy and Sarah Krickeberg, and Annie Balotti-Palene and Chris Palene.  Enjoy your special day and be sure to celebrate it in style!

Happy Birthday to Cathy Schaefer, Adam Levy, Jeanie Ayala, Patti Neale, Ryan Horvath and Camille Bakker.  I hope your next trip around the sun brings you much love, joy and prosperity!

Be safe out there my friends.  Wherever your journey takes you, please try to take a bit of time to enjoy the sites and be kind to one and all!  Enjoy the moment!  Until next time…

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