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Table Talk · July 10, 2024


Table Talk · July 10, 2024

Last weekend’s travels took me to Monroe, Michigan for the Maize & Blue Cluster. This year’s cluster was expanded to five days with one day of Specialties and Group shows, and four All-Breed shows. The entry was impressive!  Saturday’s entry was 1,800, and the smallest entry was 858 on Tuesday.  I have been attending these shows since I started showing dogs, and it keeps getting better.  The club continues to show great concern for exhibitors and canines managing the heat by providing unlimited chilled water and spray bottles.  An exhibitors’ tent with tables was provided this year to give those attending a shady spot to cool off.  Thanks to all the volunteers for your hard work!

One of the big draws for the Maize and Blue Cluster is the large number of specialties and supported entries they have.  The Cluster carries it one step further by holding a Best In Specialty Spectacular after all the specialties have concluded for the weekend.  An impressive 31 entries participated in this year’s Best of the Best competition.

Guy Fisher, Manager of AKC Club Development, attended the Maize and Blue Cluster to present the Show Chair 101 program.  Between the formal presentations and the individual conversations, Guy spoke to over 30 club officials!  In fact, one individual had difficulty finding the meeting room and missed the presentation. In true Guy fashion, he did the presentation one-on-one for this eager club volunteer!  Kudos to both of you as well as all who took advantage of this learning opportunity!

By now, many of you have heard about the revised CDC importation laws that take effect August 1, 2024 (https://caninechronicle.com/current-articles/help-stop-the-new-dog-importation-regulations-before-its-too-late/).  Please take a minute and do what you can to help by writing your congressman!  These laws will have a negative impact on our sport.  Canadian fanciers are already trying to plan how they will cross the border with their dogs after August 1.  While you may think these new laws won’t impact you, you might be surprised!  From breeding, to exhibiting, to taking your dog on a family vacation, you too could feel the residual effects of this law.

In most parts of the country, we are having an unseasonably warm summer.  I’m begging everyone to please keep an eye on your dogs.  Heat stroke can rear its ugly head when you least expect it.  Keep fans, ice, coolers, and cooling pads at your set-up always during these crazy hot days–it could make a difference between life and death for your dog.  Remember!  Do not feed dogs ice to cool them down.  Use cool towels on the stomach and genital areas and cool them down with a hose if possible.  If you can keep a “kiddy pool” handy at home–or bring it to the show–it would be a great investment.  Most outdoor dog shows that are held in the summer provide hoses and pools, but I personally prefer not to take a chance. Be safe side and bring your own!

I have complaints from a few fanciers about the fee for the AKC Points Progression Report. I would like to explain what’s free and what’s not when it comes to obtaining your dog’s show record from AKC.  Everyone CAN look up the points toward a Championship on the AKC Store at NO CHARGE.  Information in that free report includes points, majors, and number of judges (the same as it has been for many years).  If someone wants a detailed report including judge’s names, shows, etc. that must be purchased.  The key is you CAN look up the progress toward a dog’s championship free of charge on the AKC website.  Remember!  The easiest way to navigate the AKC website is to use Google Search.

I ran into Lorraine Bisso at the cluster. She just completed the Darkness to Light program as required for all AKC judges. She had a terrific idea to publish the Child Abuse Hotline website and 800-number in premium lists and judging programs. This is certainly food for thought for kennel clubs and the AKC.

Happy Birthday to the following fanciers who are celebrating their next trip around the sun:  Stephen Dainard, Tom Pincus, Jamie Larkman, Linda Rowell, Jim Augustus, Dan Buchwald, Bob Shreve, Delores Burkholder, Arlene Davis and Shari Lee.  Enjoy your day, my friends.

Remember this adage, my friends:  We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, and the only thing we really have is right now.  Don’t stay mad for too long.  Learn to forgive and love with all your heart. Don’t worry about people who don’t like you.  Enjoy the ones who love you!!!

Be safe, and good luck to one and all!  See ya’ll in Houston!  Until next time…

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