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Table Talk · December 7, 2022


It is hard to believe that next week we will be in Orlando for the final shows of 2022! If you are attending, please be sure to stop by the Canine Chronicle booth and say hi! We will be on site all week and providing those at home some fun and informative Table Talk Live! coverage. And if you have a personal interest story that you think people would find compelling or inspiring, please email me at deb.cooper@caninechronicle.com and let’s schedule some time to do a segment!

More importantly, please be sure to spend time with friends that you only get to see a couple times a year. It is easy to succumb to the frenetic energy that surrounds us at a large show like the AKC National Championship, but do not rob yourself of the chance to watch and learn about breeds that normally have small entries. Orlando is one of the best opportunities for breed education and ringside mentoring! Don’t miss out!

The 2022 AKC National Championship will air on ABC on New Year’s Day at 2PM Eastern time.  The broadcast is scheduled to run for three hours. Make sure to tell your non-doggie friends about the broadcast, as this is one of the best opportunities for public outreach and education about our sport. With three hours, we should see a good representation of the breeds in all the groups. This is also great opportunity to educate those who otherwise do not understand that “breeds” (and I use the term loosely here) such as Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Bernerdoodles, Frenchtons, etc. are not purebred dogs, and that is why you do not see them on broadcasts like the AKC National Championship and the National Dog Show.

It saddens me to report that the Kennel Club of Beverly Hills and Malibu Kennel Club will not be holding their shows in February as previously reported. I hope they will be back in 2024.

Thank you to all the fanciers who participated in the Panda Express/Fido Pet Food Bank fundraiser on November 30th! It was truly amazing to see so many people posting photos of them dining on their Panda Express food that was ordered online. Because of your participation, Fido raised over $1,000 across 10 states! Thank you to everyone who participated; and thank you to Panda Express for your generosity. Of course, thank you to Nancy Martin for your tireless efforts on behalf of those less fortunate so they can continue to enjoy their pets.

I was saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Poodle fancier Patrick Guilfoyle. Patrick was an AKC judge, breeder, mentor, and good friend to all that had the pleasure of knowing him. He dedicated his life to purebred dogs and is missed by so many all over the world. Patrick put a smile on my face every time I had the chance to visit with him. He was very kind to all. Our most sincere condolences to his wife, Pipi, and the rest of his family at this very sad time.

Robin and Cindy Stansell were in an automobile accident returning from the Bull Dog National.  While their car was totaled. Luckily, no one was hurt. Once again, it is heart-warming to hear of all the good Samaritans that stopped to make sure they were alright and help them get to safety.

Happy Anniversary to Erika and Bob Busby and Bonnie and Greg Wagaman. May you enjoy many more wonderful years together!

Fanciers celebrating birthdays this week are Lane Tarantino, Richard Green, Alan Hargrave, Gail Miller Bisher, Clint Livingston, Marti Johnson, Jordan Confer, Rachel Adams, M’Kayla Stahr, Nancy Fisk, Paul Catterson, Luke Ehricht, Cheryl Krown, Kellie Williams, Richard Powell, Ariel Cukier, Ashley Ryan, Mike McGuire and Daniel Mumau. Enjoy your special day, my friends.

In the words of the late Bea Godsall, and often repeated by the late Frank Sabella, “All great dogs have faults, they just carry them better.” Certainly, words to remember!

Be safe out there, my friends. When traveling, remember to pace yourselves! Please do not forget that a big show like the AKC National Championship attracts spectators who could turn into active members of our community. So please, be kind and engage! I look forward to seeing you soon. Until next time…

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