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Table Talk – May 15, 2019

Dog product vendors Don and Bobbi Davis, who most West Coast fanciers regard as an institution at their shows, are semi-retiring after nearly 50 years in the business. They still plan to attend some shows and help the new owner of their business with the transition. Don and Bobbi are active in many clubs out west and plan to continue their involvement with the clubs and the sport of purebred dogs. They will be in Pomona at the Mission Circuit Memorial Day Weekend so stop by and wish and them well!

The Trenton Kennel Club had to cancel their Monday show a couple of weeks back due to severe weather conditions. Many rigs and vehicles had to be towed out due to saturated ground. The Trenton Kennel Club is reimbursing tow fees for those who had to be pulled out! Congratulations to the Trenton Kennel Club for your consideration of the exhibitors’ hardship while trying to support these shows.

There have been several unfortunate situations created by individuals not realizing that someone was live streaming or videotaping them ringside and while they were speaking in an unkind or unsportsmanlike manner. Unfortunately, I was victim to this very behavior this past week. An individual who I do not know began conversing with a friend of mine ringside while she was videotaping her dog. She was not only saying unkind things about my dogs but also my dearest friend. This individual did not know the person she was speaking to, nor did she pay attention to the fact that my friend was videotaping. As a result, this very unkind ramble is recorded for posterity. My friend elected not to use the video she recorded. To address the situation, I directly messaged the person who made the remarks and addressed it one on one with her. I did not post the video on social media, nor did I make any general postings on social media about this situation. I addressed the problem as I would hope everyone would: I went directly to the source and dealt with it. I bring this situation to your attention for two reasons. First, please keep unkind remarks in the privacy of your setups, hotel rooms, and homes, not ringside. And certainly do not start to make unconstructive, ugly comments to someone you do not know. Also, remember that in today’s world anything can be recorded. Second, put a stop to negative behavior by dealing with it directly. Don’t post it on Facebook for the world to see thereby creating unnecessary social media drama.

There has been a lot of recent discussion about exhibitors not receiving their win photographs from an official dog show photographer on the West Coast. If an exhibitor does not receive their win photo in a reasonable period of time, I would like to encourage you to contact the show chairman and inform them. Further, the West Coast continues with their practice of having more than one dog show photographer at the show. Therefore, the exhibitors have a choice regarding who takes a win photo of their dog. Do yourself a favor and make sure you are having your photograph taken by someone who will not only take a good photograph of your dog but will send it to you in a reasonable amount of time. Ask the photographer when you can expect delivery of the photo before the photo is taken. If you are not satisfied with the answer, request another photographer. If you do not receive your photograph when promised, notify the show chairman and do not use that photographer again (and recommend your friends do the same).

Our sport lost another icon this week with the passing of respected judge Sari Tietjen. Sari was a multiple-group judge, author of several books, and an authority on the Japanese Chin breed, which she owned and bred for more than 60 years. We extend our condolences to her family. She will be missed.

Congratulations to Brittani Kettleson-Cornelius and David Cornelius on the birth of their son, Oliver Lewis Cornelius, who weighed in at a healthy 8 pounds 15 ounces.

Congratulations to Caitlyn Jewett on graduating high school! Your life is just beginning my friend. Best wishes for many happy, healthy and prosperous years ahead.

We wish happy anniversaries to Vicki and Jeff Cushman and Rhonda and John Holloway. Also, we wish a very happy 63rd anniversary to Paula and Roger Hartinger. May you all enjoy many more years of health, happiness and love.

Tuni Conti judged junior showmanship at the American Boxer Club National Specialty this past week. Wasn’t she surprised when the class was brought in and it was all of her professional handler colleagues showing various different breeds! What a cute way to lighten up the day (and keep Tuni on her toes!)

Congratulations to the following National Specialty Winners (your national specialty win can be listed in Table Talk, too! Please Personal Message me with the full name of the dog and club for all national specialty winners!!!):

-American Boxer Club: GCh. Cinnibon’s Bedrock Bombshell

-Keeshond Club of America: GCh. Trumpet’s Teardrops On My Guitar

Celebrating birthdays this week are: Maureen Jewett, Alessandra Folz-Stymiest, Cody Koch, Jay Richardson, Tony Vacha, Bill McFadden, Kim Rudzik and Brenda Combs.

I leave you with this thought my friends: It’s okay to clap for your friends if their dream takes off before yours!

Be safe in your travels, and don’t forget that newbie! Until next time…

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