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AKC Canine Health Foundation Marks Pet Cancer Awareness Month with Investment in New Cancer Research

The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to prevent, treat and cure diseases in dogs, marks Pet Cancer Awareness Month in May by investing more than $1 million in new cancer research funding for dogs.

Since 1995, CHF has awarded over 209 canine cancer research grants, totaling more than $13 million. Outcomes from this work have led to new treatments and better diagnostics, which provide veterinarians and owners with improved options for fighting canine cancer. CHF is excited to announce funding for seven new canine cancer studies in 2018, totaling more than $1 million. Through this additional investment in cancer research, investigators are addressing bladder cancer, mammary cancer, lymphoma, histiocytic sarcoma and hemangiosarcoma in dogs.

“Cancer is a major health concern shared by many dog owners. Especially during Pet Cancer Awareness Month, CHF is pleased to announce this significant support for cutting-edge research to address the most devastating forms of cancer in dogs, many of which also strike their human companions,” said Dr. Diane Brown, CHF CEO. “Through this research we hope to better understand cancer and provide improved treatment options for canine patients.”

To read more about these new studies, click on the project links below:

Grant 02500: Immune Targeting of the V600E B-Raf Neoantigen in Canine Urothelial Carcinoma
Principal Investigator: Nicola J. Mason, BVetMed, PhD; University of Pennsylvania
Collaborative grant with the V Foundation for Cancer Research
Grant 02519: Prevalence of Bartonella spp. Infection in Dogs with Cardiac and Splenic Hemangiosarcomas within and between Geographic Locations
Principal Investigators: Edward B. Breitschwerdt, DVM; Matthew Breen, PhD; North Carolina State University
Grant 02487: OX40 Checkpoint Molecule Targeted Antibodies for Cancer Immunotherapy in Dogs
Principal Investigator: Steven W. Dow, DVM, PhD; Colorado State University
Grant 02510: Identification of Novel Synthetic Lethal Partners to Optimize PI3K Targeted Therapies in Canine Hemangiosarcoma
Principal Investigator: Cheryl A. London, DVM, PhD; Tufts Medical Center
Grant 02502: Precision Medicine for Canine Lymphoma
Principal Investigator: Nicola J. Mason, BVetMed, PhD; University of Pennsylvania

Grant 02489: Tumor-permissive Collagen Signatures in Canine Mammary Gland Tumors: Development of Prognostic Markers and Targeted Therapies for Improved Outcomes
Principal Investigator: Susan W. Volk, VMD, PhD; University of Pennsylvania
Grant 02446: Development of Genetic Biomarkers to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment of Canine Histiocytic Sarcoma
Principal Investigator: Benoit Hédan, DVM, PhD; CNRS – University of Rennes

Dog lovers can directly impact the future of canine cancer research by making a donation to CHF. New or lapsed donors who have not given to CHF since December 31, 2015 will have their contributions matched by the American Kennel Club (up to $500,000). Visit www.akcchf.org/matchto learn more about the 2018 AKC Match Initiatives and www.akcchf.org to learn more about canine health.

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