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#TriviaTuesday – Can You Guess This Dog Breed?

What breed of dog am I?

  • I am a breed in the Non-Sporting group; the oldest and smallest of Japan’s dogs.
  • I was originally developed for hunting by sight and scent in the dense undergrowth of Japan’s mountainous areas. I am alert and agile with keen senses, I am also an excellent watchdog and companion. My frame is compact with well-developed muscles. Males and females are distinctly different in appearance: males are masculine without coarseness, females are feminine without weakness of structure.

  • I possess a spirited boldness, a good nature, and an unaffected forthrightness, which together yield dignity and natural beauty. I have an independent nature and can be reserved toward strangers but am loyal and affectionate to those who earn my respect.

Correct Answer: Shiba Inu

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