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The Big E – Elation, Relation, Equation

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252 – The Annual, 2019-20

By Elaine Lessig

     Is everybody happy? How many times do you hear that? Is it meant to define the way we feel or persuade us that we in fact are? Perhaps the better question is, are we meant to be happy all the time? Is what we group into “being happy” really several levels of happiness which could better be defined? I think it can. Let me demonstrate how. It may not be scientific, but, then, feelings rarely are. It has three parts: relief, pleasure, and elation. All bring a form of happiness, to put it simply, variations on a theme. I call it the Elation Relation Equation. Let’s see how it works in Dogdom.

     It is a day at the dog show. Off you go. Ring time for Fluffy comes quickly. Last week, Fluffy would not cooperate for the table exam at all. Each day was an embarrassment. The judges had to be super patient and very skilled to do their job. Now, everyone goes around the ring together. After waiting for your turn, the moment has come to put Fluffy on the table. Here comes the judge. You hold your breath. Will a solid week of working on the table exam pay off? Will Fluffy hold still? Yes! Are you happy? According to my Elation Relation Equation you are “relieved” that Fluffy performed well on the table.

     In a nearby grooming area, the terriers are in final preparation for judging. One of the exhibits stands proudly on the table. The exhibitor takes one final look at the results of today’s finishing work on the dog. Every hair on the harsh coat has been combed and brushed into place. In comparison to the other exhibits, this one looks perfect. A genuine smile and a glint in the eye of the exhibitor say it all. Is this happiness? Actually, it is “pleasure”. It is that feeling which comes with the completion of a job well done, very skillfully done.

     Earlier in the day in the Poodle ring, a stunning puppy from the Bred-by-exhibitor class wins the variety. Poodles are a breed where that happens with some frequency. As the Non-Sporting dogs enter the group ring later that day, the Poodle is at the front. Make no mistake. This is one gorgeous puppy which holds together on the exam, never puts a foot wrong on the down and back, and goes around the ring saying, “I have arrived.” The judge pulls out the Poodle and five other lovely dogs to consider for the final group placements. The judge asks for a last go-around. With a calm command, off goes the Poodle, a sight to behold. The other five dogs take their turns. It is a strong group today. Each exhibit has merit. The judge’s book is marked. With rosettes and a trophy in hand, the judge stands in the middle of the ring calling for the Poodle. The crowd erupts into screams, cheers, and loud applause. The Poodle dances to the first place marker as the noise escalates. Yes, this is happiness, but at a much higher degree. Let’s define this feeling as “elation,” happiness reaching the top of the scale.

Click here to read the complete article
252 – The Annual, 2019-20

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