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Breed Priorities – German Pinscher

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402 – June, 2022

By Nikki Riggsbee

No, it’s not a small Doberman. Owners of German Pinschers must tire of the reference. The German Pinscher is one of the breeds behind both the Doberman Pinscher and Miniature Pinscher and other “pinscher” breeds. The breed was developed in southern Germany and originally had one of two different coats–smooth coats and wire coats. The wire-haired dogs were called “Schnauzers” and became the separate Standard Schnauzer breed.

The two World Wars decimated the breed. Werner Jung is said to have saved the German Pinscher by using a black-and-red bitch out of east Germany and breeding her to oversized Miniature Pinschers to reestablish the breed. Americans began to import German Pinschers in the 1970s and 1980s from several European countries. The breed was accepted into AKC in 2003.

We found twenty-seven German Pinscher experts to invite to take a survey about their breed’s priorities. Nineteen agreed to participate, and fourteen completed surveys were received. The experts who did the survey average more than seventeen years in the breed. Those who judge have been doing so for fifteen years on average.

German Pinscher Virtues

The survey included a list of virtues taken from the German Pinscher AKC standard for the experts to rank from most to least important. Here is the list in order by the average of the experts’ placements, with one being the most important.

1. Back short, firm, and level, muscular at the loins

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402 – June, 2022

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