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– Breed Priorities – Alaskan Malamute

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274 – June, 2015

By Nikki Riggsbee

Alaskan Malamute mentors have always emphasized function. They pull heavy loads (freight). They work in brutally cold conditions. In their standard, under Summary: Important is:

• Their function as a sledge dog for heavy freighting in the Arctic must be given consideration above all else.

• The legs of the Malamute must indicate unusual strength and tremendous propelling power.

• Any indication of unsoundness in legs and feet, front or rear, standing or moving, is to be considered a serious fault.

The parent club wants to make sure

we get it. Great clarity!

I was curious how much agreement we would find on a survey of the experts on their breed priorities. We found thirty-three breeder-judges to invite to take the survey, and twenty-six agreed to participate. Twenty-two surveys were returned. The experts have been in the breed over forty years and have been judging it for nearly nineteen years, both on average. Most have judged their national specialty, and all but one has judged other Alaskan Malamute specialties.

Alaskan Malamute Virtues

The Malamute breeder-judges prioritized a list of virtues taken from their breed standard. Here is the list in sequence by the average of the experts’ ranks, with one being the most important.

1. Gait steady, balanced, tireless, totally efficient

2. Shoulders are moderately sloping

3. Body compactly built but not short-coupled

4. Feet of snowshoe type, tight and deep, with

well-cushioned pads

5. Coat thick with a coarse guard coat of sufficient length

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274 – June, 2015

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