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AKC Canine Health – Current State of Genetic Testing

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198 – October, 2020

The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) and Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) have collaborated to provide a Review of the Current State of Genetic Testing in dogs. This downloadable resource reviews the basic principles necessary to practically and thoughtfully apply genetic test results to the care of all dogs, including breeding stock. The types of genetic tests currently in use, their application in breeding programs, and their limitations will be discussed, as well as potential negative effects of the misuse of test results in both pet and breeding dogs.

Except from the Introduction

(released September 8, 2020)

By Eddie Dziuk, MBA

Chief Operating Officer, Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Ongoing research and scientific discoveries have made huge advances in the field of canine genetics over the last two decades. We have literally gone from test breedings to determine a dog’s genotype, to the initial mapping of the canine genome, to an ever-growing list of commercially available canine DNA tests. Ongoing scientific discoveries, new technical platforms, increased efficiencies, and decreasing costs are bound to continue this ever-changing landscape. However, with all the advances, one recurring theme has become abundantly clear: stakeholder knowledge and understanding of DNA, its uses, and the interpretation and application of DNA based tools has not kept up with the science. Stakeholders include veterinarians, registries, parent clubs, breeders, and the dog owning public at large. Each of these groups are desperate for clarification, education, and guidance. In many cases, DNA tests are the gold standard and can be an immensely powerful tool. Nevertheless, when misunderstood, misinterpreted, or misapplied, they can actually have a negative effect.

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198 – October, 2020

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