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Table Talk · December 28, 2022


Thank goodness we have a two-week break after the biggest dog shows of the year! It takes this girl that long to recover from the busy week in Orlando. Many exhibitors breathe for a day and get right back to the grooming table–trimming, stripping, etc. to get ready for the new year. Hats off to you, my friends. I hope you all get some rest.

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Dogs Can Smell When You’re Stressed


We’ve heard it countless times: “Dogs can smell fear.” Now a study from Queen’s University Belfast has produced some actual evidence that dogs can in fact sniff out stress. Here’s what they did:

First the researchers trained four dogs to match an odor sample to a target odor sample. The dog was presented the target odor through a sniffing apparatus, then chose the one of three other samples that matched it.

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Charitable Causes

F Charitable Causes

Lately, HSUS has begun deploying its minions around my neighborhood seeking to sign up new “lifetime” donors. Understand that they are not requesting the usual $1-$5 handouts customarily associated with that type of street corner fundraising. Hell no. They are armed with immediate credit card authorization weapons.

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#ThrowbackThursday – Guess Who? – Check Your Answer


Who were you able name in this photo? We think a lot of you got this one right! Answer: Ken Rensink is the handler and Del Glodowski is the judge Don’t forget! Do you have a fun photo that you would like to share for #ThrowbackThursday? Email Liz at showresults@caninechronicle.com with your photos. 

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Too Many Shows Revisited – Part two – Clubs, Judges, and Judging

F Too Many Shows Revisited

Part One of this article discussed the differences between AKC shows and The Kennel Club shows in the UK as they relate to the making of a champion and the entry-size per championship show. Much of the data regarding “too many shows” is back in Part One. No need for calculators this time; Part Two looks at the bigger picture, the collateral damage, and the potential consequences for our sport.

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NYC Hearts Dogs!


By Amy Fernandez New York City is never gonna win any awards for warm and fuzzy places to live.  It certainly has its drawbacks, but for millions of residents it’s an okay tradeoff; which brings me to dogs. Logistically, keeping dogs in NYC has its share of challenges. That doesn’t imply that they’re not welcome. A [...]

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Important Tips to Keep Pets Safe This Holiday Season


After this year, many people are ready to unwind and spend some quality time with family, friends and pets. Some of the things that make celebrations festive this time of year can also be potentially harmful to our furry friends. The NC State College of Veterinary Medicine has some helpful tips to keep the holidays [...]

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From The Publisher


There’s a very simple fact about the competitors in any competition, including dog shows. The fact is that those competing entered the contest with the intention of winning it. I don’t think anyone enters the field of play with the sole goal of enjoying the experience. They entered because they believed they were good enough to win the competition and that is their goal.

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Merry Christmas From The Canine Chronicle!


From The Canine Chronicle! May this Christmas bring  joy, peace and happiness to last throughout the coming year!

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American Kennel Club Dog Sports to Air on ESPN2 on Christmas


The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the world’s largest purebred dog registry and governing body of dog sports, is thrilled to announce two exciting canine competitions coming to ESPN2 this Christmas Day starting at 2:30pm ET. The programming will kick off with the AKC Agility Invitational presented by YuMOVE® and will be followed by the AKC [...]

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