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Packerland Kennel Club – Saturday, April 3, 2021

Show Name: Packerland Kennel Club
Location: Manitowoc, WI
Show Date: Saturday, April 3, 2021
Total Entry: 1173
Best In Show Judge: Mrs. Debbie Melgreen
Show Photographer(s):
Booth Photo • Website: www.boothshowphoto.com

Dog Reg: GCHS Wingssong This Could Be Love [Dog]
Breed: Papillon
Handler: Chris Jones
Owner: P & C Jones
Breeder: Pat & Chris Jones

Reserve Dog Reg: GCHP KMander Dawnglow Arnage [Dog]
Reserve Breed: Spaniel (English Cocker)
Reserve Handler: Meagan Ulfers
Reserve Owner: K Anderson, N & E Atkins & E Neff
Breeder: Kurt Anderson, Sandy LaFlamme & Elizabeth Neff

Sporting Judge’s Name: Mr. Sidney Marx

Total Entry: 307
Dog Reg: GCHP KMander Dawnglow Arnage [Dog]
Breed: Spaniel (English Cocker)
Handler: Meagan Ulfers
Owner: K Anderson, N & E Atkins & E Neff
Breeder: Kurt Anderson, Sandy LaFlamme & Elizabeth Neff
Dog Reg: GCHS Sandbars Hardcore Hank MH [Dog]
Breed: Retriever (Chesapeake Bay)
Handler: Devon Kipp
Owner: D Baker, A Levy & A Barouche
Breeder: Diane Baker
Dog Reg: CH Ciara N Honeygait Belle Of The Ball [Bitch]
Breed: Setter (English)
Owner: V Jacobsen, L Afdahl & A & V Ciaravino
Breeder: A & V Ciaravino Mary & John Nowak B Silbernagel
Dog Reg: GCHB Roclyn Rockafella CD BN RE CGCA [Dog]
Breed: Setter (Irish)
Owner: J Jardien & M Hohman
Breeder: Robert Hallett & Cynthia Stanford

Hound Judge’s Name: Mr. Eugene Blake

Total Entry: 114
Dog Reg: CH Sky Hi Hunt Song Of Fire And Ice [Bitch]
Breed: Greyhound
Handler: James Donahue
Owner: J Donahue, D Pfeil & G Sisneros
Breeder: Anita, Dwayne & Gavin Pugh
Dog Reg: Daybreaks Country Kisses W [Bitch]
Breed: Dachshund (Wirehaired)
Owner: D Krieg & A Ferris
Dog Reg: GCHS Taji Better Man Mazshalna CGC [Dog]
Breed: Afghan Hound
Handler: Lisa Bettis
Owner: M Brier & Y Russell
Breeder: Yancy Russell & Donna & Vanessa Bates
Dog Reg: GCH Upper Mountain Violets Are Blue v Devlynn [Bitch]
Breed: Whippet
Handler: Devon Kipp
Owner: Jeffrey Winton, James Wodica & Devon Kipp

Working Judge’s Name: Ms. Diane Anderson

Total Entry: 248
Dog Reg: Twin Creeks It Had To Be You [Dog]
Breed: Rottweiler
Handler: Holley Eldred
Owner: C Krown
Breeder: Cheryl Krown
Dog Reg: GCHG Landmark-Divine Acres Kiss Myself, Im So Pretty [Bitch]
Breed: Great Dane
Handler: Melissa Ruppert
Owner: M Ruppert & S Taylor
Breeder: Melisa Ruppert & Carolyn McNamara
Dog Reg: GCH Kandus Glamour Puss V Mytoys [Bitch]
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Handler: Alyssa Beutler
Owner: M Klein
Breeder: Shannon McCutcheon, Mary Klein, Dennis O’Connor & Jason Curtis
Dog Reg: GCHG Bludrifts Champagne Taste Of Diamonds CGC [Bitch]
Breed: Leonberger
Handler: Hannah Janke
Owner: L Moede
Breeder: Luanne Moede

Terrier Judge’s Name: Mr. Houston Clark

Total Entry: 71
Dog Reg: CH Meadowlake High Times [Bitch]
Breed: Border Terrier
Handler: Karen Fitzpatrick
Owner: K Fitzpatrick & K Richardson
Breeder: Stephanie Sorenson, Karen Fitzpatrick & Hailey Sorenson
Dog Reg: GCHS Temora Steal My Heart CA TKN [Dog]
Breed: Australian Terrier
Handler: Jacqueline Johnson
Owner: D Radman Kruetzfeldt
Breeder: Jose Franceschi & Julie Seaton
Dog Reg: Ch Corralitos Tracking The Storm [Dog]
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
Owner: Danielle Hansen, Karla Edwards & Miya Brown
Dog Reg: GCH Abberann Midnight Rider Of Glendalough [Dog]
Breed: Glen of Imaal Terrier
Owner: A Baker & T Nesbitt
Breeder: Theresa Nesbitt

Toy Judge’s Name: Mrs. Houston (Toddie) Clark

Total Entry: 149
Dog Reg: GCHS Wingssong This Could Be Love [Dog]
Breed: Papillon
Handler: Chris Jones
Owner: P & C Jones
Breeder: Pat & Chris Jones
Dog Reg: GCHG Casa Blancas The Fighting Irish [Dog]
Breed: Pug
Handler: Barry Clothier
Owner: B & M Glazer, T Harden & B & B Clothier
Breeder: Blanca & Barry Clothier
Dog Reg: GCHG Empees Cyber Monday [Dog]
Breed: Pomeranian
Handler: Stephanie Hentschel
Owner: M Panlilio Jr. & M Ingco
Breeder: Mario Panlilio Jr. & Maria Ingco
Dog Reg: GCHB Ouachitah Talisman [Dog]
Breed: Chihuahua (Long Coat)
Handler: Carlos Puig
Owner: L George & M Blank

Non-Sporting Judge’s Name: Ms. Grace Fritz

Total Entry: 130
Dog Reg: CH Xeralane’s Shut Up And Kiss Me [Dog]
Breed: Lhasa Apso
Handler: Devon Kipp
Owner: Xeralane Kennels
Dog Reg: GCG KJs Like A Boss, ATT [Dog]
Breed: Keeshond
Handler: Kristen Dowd
Owner: Kristen Dowd
Dog Reg: GCHS Barberry Hillwood Hot Child In The City [Bitch]
Breed: Bichon Frise
Handler: Lisa Bettis
Owner: M & P Abbott, L Bettis & E Charles
Breeder: Paula & Matt Abbott, Paula Hendricks, Lisa Bettis & Ellen Charles
Dog Reg: GCHS Ananas Frozen Tundra CGC [Dog]
Breed: American Eskimo Dog
Handler: Holley Eldred
Owner: K S& C Seymour & D Krautkramer
Breeder: Kathleen & Stephanie Strunk

Herding Judge’s Name: Mr. Robert L. Vandiver

Total Entry: 154
Dog Reg: GCHB Ninebark Boldly Go [Dog]
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Handler: Sarah Kalkes
Owner: K Lister,  &  Yates/Sarah Anthon
Dog Reg: GCHB Mvr Diamonds In The Rough [Dog]
Breed: Border Collie
Owner: K Marquardt
Breeder: Karen Marquardt
Dog Reg: Rosepoint Navigator [Dog]
Breed: Collie (Rough)
Owner: A Gau
Breeder: Amy Gau
Dog Reg: GCH Now And Then Watermark Cruisin At Kelkary [Dog]
Breed: Bearded Collie
Handler: Mark Bettis
Owner: A Nakano-Berry & J Osterbauer
Breeder: Helga Werner & Sylke Werner

Jr Judge: Ms. Grace Fritz
Jr Handler: Jacob Waters
Jr Breed: Miniature Pinscher

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