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Salisbury North Carolina Kennel Club – Sunday, June 6, 2021

Show Name: Salisbury North Carolina Kennel Club
Location: Concord, NC
Show Date: Sunday, June 6, 2021
Total Entry: 1522
Best In Show Judge: Mr. Darryl Vice
Show Photographer(s):
Bryan McNabb • Website: www.mcnabbphotos.com

Cary C. Manaton • Website: www.ccphotography.net

Dog Reg: GCH Integra Maja Beach Please [Bitch]
Breed: Italian Greyhound
Handler: Mark Lucas
Owner: M Lucas & T Catterson

Reserve Dog Reg: GCHS Kan Trace Very Cheeky Chic [Bitch]
Reserve Breed: Lagotti
Reserve Handler: Phil Booth
Reserve Owner: V Malzoni Jr., S Zdunic Sinkovic & A Lucin

NOHS Judge: Mr. James Moses
NOHS Dog Reg: GCHB Charthill Shirescot Clan Keith [Dog]
NOHS Breed: Scottish Terrier
NOHS Handler:
NOHS Owner: C & K Hill & C Miniman
Breeder: Christine Miniman & Lori & Jeffery Waite

Sporting Judge’s Name: Mrs. Helen Winski Stein

Total Entry: 246
Dog Reg: GCHS Kan Trace Very Cheeky Chic [Bitch]
Breed: Lagotti
Handler: Phil Booth
Owner: V Malzoni Jr., S Zdunic Sinkovic & A Lucin
Dog Reg: GCHS Kurly Kreek Copperhead Road DJ DN [Dog]
Breed: Retriever (Curly-Coated)
Owner: M & S Shifflett
Breeder: Mary & Scott Shifflett
Dog Reg: GCH Remedis What Can Brown Do For You [Dog]
Breed: Spaniel (Sussex)
Handler: Brenda Griffin
Owner: Brenda Griffin & Russell Morton
Dog Reg: GCHB Chestnut Then Came You [Dog]
Breed: Retriever (Golden)
Handler: Amy Booth
Owner: C & J Chacas, M B Konesky & J Griffith

Hound Judge’s Name: Ms. Denise Arlynne Ross

Total Entry: 181
Dog Reg: GCHB Ciel Vent Divin Of Schon Wald Jp [Dog]
Breed: Afghan Hound
Handler: Jennifer Pearce
Owner: Y Hata
Breeder: Yumiko Ushiyama
Dog Reg: GCHS Fetch + Smell Wolfrun Wolverine [Dog]
Breed: Beagle 15 inch
Handler: Aaron Wilkerson
Owner: M Pantaleon
Breeder: Macarena Pantaleon
Dog Reg: GCHB Houlas Jerry Loule TKN [Dog]
Breed: Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Handler: Junior McDaniel
Owner: S Owen
Breeder: Carol Houlihan
Dog Reg: Bretica Boom Goes The Dynamite [Bitch]
Breed: Whippet
Handler: Justin Smithey
Owner: Renice Zimmerman, Penny Lewis & Raymond Yurick

Working Judge’s Name: Ms. Cathleen Rubens

Total Entry: 307
Dog Reg: GCHB Ederras Glacier The Power Of MoNe [Bitch]
Breed: Kuvasz
Handler: Caroline Clegg
Owner: C & M Clegg & M Arechaederra
Breeder: Maria Arechaederra & Deborah Blank
Dog Reg: GCHS Pengwens Southernwind Trojan War Triumph CD GN RA NA CGCA TKI [Dog]
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Handler: Teresa Nail
Owner: K Backues
Breeder: Gwen Myers & Cecilia Martinez
Dog Reg: GCH Meadow View Quintessential Zillion To One [Bitch]
Breed: Komondor
Handler: Ernesto Lara
Owner: J Cupolo & S & M Harman
Breeder: Sherry & Mike Harman & Debbie Beck
Dog Reg: GCHS Bludrifts Escapades With Ethan CGC [Dog]
Breed: Leonberger
Owner: M & M Monahan & L Moede
Breeder: Luanne Moede

Terrier Judge’s Name: Mr. James Moses

Total Entry: 113
Dog Reg: GCHG Crystal Boy De La Pomme [Dog]
Breed: West Highland White Terrier
Handler: Rebecca Cross
Owner: Phavida Jaruthavee, Frederic B Askin MD & Fred Melville
Dog Reg: CH Juslyn Choptank Dream On Tenterra [Dog]
Breed: Norfolk Terrier
Handler: Jessy Sutton
Owner: R & C Sutton, D Wall, K Graham, S Bernhard & M Phillips
Breeder: Kay Graham, R Sutton, M Phillips & A Gullick
Dog Reg: GCH Mystiques Knock Out [Dog]
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Owner: B Bonds & C Dugan
Breeder: Catherine Eileen Rohrer
Dog Reg: CH Longvue Make My Day With Tailsup [Dog]
Breed: Airedale Terrier
Owner: April & Todd Clyde & Philip & Louise Weinberger

Toy Judge’s Name: Dr. Valeria Rickard

Total Entry: 279
Dog Reg: GCH Integra Maja Beach Please [Bitch]
Breed: Italian Greyhound
Handler: Mark Lucas
Owner: M Lucas & T Catterson
Dog Reg: GCH Roi L Man In The Moon [Dog]
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Handler: Michael Pitts
Owner: Regina Beinhauer
Dog Reg: CH Caraneals The Company Clerk [Dog]
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Handler: Georgette Franzoni
Owner: G Franzoni
Breeder: Georgette & Robert Franzoni
Dog Reg: CH Rustic Lane Not My Planet From Fwaggle @ Absolut [Dog]
Breed: Toy Manchester Terrier
Handler: Matt Perry
Owner: D Young & D Horowitz
Breeder: Carolyn Horowitz & Wendy & Amanda Kelly

Non-Sporting Judge’s Name: Mrs. Debra Long Gschwender

Total Entry: 153
Dog Reg: GCHS Spotlight Tequila Sunrise Bret D [Bitch]
Breed: Dalmatian
Handler: Phil Booth
Owner: C Wagner & J Bachey
Breeder: Connie Wagner & John Bachey
Dog Reg: Martinis Sippin On Fire [Bitch]
Breed: Boston Terrier
Owner: Linda Martin
Dog Reg: CH Lantanas Sweet Baby James [Dog]
Breed: Tibetan Spaniel
Handler: Diego Garcia
Owner: C Brown & G Krall
Breeder: Gail Krall
Dog Reg: GCH Mendabullz EB Just Call Me Helen [Bitch]
Breed: Bulldog
Owner: Angel Mendez

Herding Judge’s Name: Mrs. Debra Long Gschwender

Total Entry: 216
Dog Reg: GCHS Stonehaven Bayshore Secret Sauce [Bitch]
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Handler: Jamie Clute
Owner: J Margeson, J Dale-Margeson, J Baylis & A Bialozor
Breeder: Jeffrey Margeson, John Dale-Margeson & J Frank Baylis
Dog Reg: CH Winsomes Do You Bearlieve In Magic [Bitch]
Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Owner: K Fasano, S McKinnon, F Fasano & N Phelps
Breeder: K Fasano, S McKinnon, F Fasano & N Phelps
Dog Reg: CH Luckbags What A Beautiful Jasmine Flower [Bitch]
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog
Handler: Nick Joines
Owner: Zhi-Peng Du & Alex Zang
Dog Reg: GCHB Kingscrest Star Of The New Year FDC [Dog]
Breed: Swedish Vallhund
Owner: R & R James & C Rolfe
Breeder: Rebekah & Robert James

Misc Judge: Mr. Darryl Vice
Misc Dog Reg: Wedgewood Hannahs Morning Edition [Bitch]
Misc Breed: Bracco Italiano (July 2019)
Misc Handler:
Misc Owner: Morriah Fickes

Jr Judge: Mrs. Debra Long Gschwender
Jr Handler: Lenore Hedemark See Rankings
Jr Dog Reg: GCHB Mystiques Wild In Paradise CGC TKN [Dog]
Jr Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

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