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Hoosier Kennel Club – Sunday, February 11, 2018

Show Name: Hoosier Kennel Club
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Show Date: Sunday, February 11, 2018
Total Entry: 1480
Best In Show Judge: Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman
Show Photographer(s):
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Dog Reg: GCHG Syringa – Akadia The Corsair [Dog]
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog
Handler: Tyler Crady
Owner: D Sirdofsky & T Crady
Breeder: Deborah Sirdofsky & Shannalee Waller-Michalsky

Reserve Dog Reg: CH Skyehighs Miss Hyperion [Bitch]
Reserve Breed: West Highland White Terrier
Reserve Handler: Courtney Kniola
Reserve Owner: L Barrow & A Mollo
Breeder: Lindy Barrow & Antonio Celso Mollo

Sporting Judge’s Name: Mrs. Delores Burkholder

Total Entry: 208
Dog Reg: GCHP Dream His Don’t Hate The Player Hate The Game [Dog]
Breed: Brittany
Handler: Kristina Rickard
Owner: T & L Rickard
Breeder: Joseph Ramondetta
Dog Reg: GCHB Summits I Can Cry If I Want To [Bitch]
Breed: Retriever (Golden)
Owner: B Johnson
Breeder: Beth Johnson, Jeff & Kathy Sedivec & George Dinges
Dog Reg: CH Brandilyns Time Travler [Dog]
Breed: Spaniel (English Cocker)
Owner: D Jaruzel
Breeder: Donna Jaruzel
Dog Reg: Frogcreek Shoot For The Stars [Bitch]
Breed: Retriever (Labrador)
Owner: C Carroll & K Pflum
Breeder: Kathy Pflum & Christine Carroll

Hound Judge’s Name: Mr. Jon Cole

Total Entry: 179
Dog Reg: CH Milroc Polarized Crush [Bitch]
Breed: Beagle 15 inch
Handler: Eddie Dziuk
Owner: E Dziuk, J Sossamon, C Miller & H Lindberg
Breeder: Cassie & Chris Miller
Dog Reg: GCH Silhouettes Hope Solo [Bitch]
Breed: Norwegian Elkhound
Handler: Erin Olsen
Owner: Keith & Erin Olsen
Dog Reg: GCH DC Karob Sandstorm Faster Forward SC LCX [Dog]
Breed: Saluki
Owner: R & K Frost
Breeder: Robert & Karen Frost
Dog Reg: GCH DC Kalina Ableaim Hats And Fashions SC DS [Bitch]
Breed: Whippet
Handler: Cydney Petit
Owner: C Petit & G Boyd
Breeder: Cydney Petit & Gail & Jenny Boyd

Working Judge’s Name: Mrs. Gloria Geringer

Total Entry: 334
Dog Reg: GCH Bellacane Abira Duchess Royale V Obermark [Bitch]
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Handler: Cynthia Lane-Smith
Owner: M & T Moyer & C Green
Breeder: Melinda & Tommy Moyer & Kathy & Jerry Drake
Dog Reg: GCHG Cinnibons Bedrock Bombshell [Bitch]
Breed: Boxer
Handler: Michael Shepherd
Owner: K & C Robbins, B Wagaman & D Caywood
Breeder: Bonnie Wagaman & Nicole Manna
Dog Reg: GCHS Lavishs Brut Premier [Dog]
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Handler: Layal Bouaoun
Owner: L & N Bouaoun
Breeder: Layal Bouaoun & Catherine Hogan D.V.M.
Dog Reg: GCHS Marshview Great Ballz Of Fire RN MX MXJ CA CGC [Dog]
Breed: Portuguese Water Dog
Handler: Tammy Szabo
Owner: J Vanderbush & P DeVries
Breeder: Patricia DeVries & Julie Vanderbush

Terrier Judge’s Name: Mrs. Gloria Geringer

Total Entry: 116
Dog Reg: CH Skyehighs Miss Hyperion [Bitch]
Breed: West Highland White Terrier
Handler: Courtney Kniola
Owner: L Barrow & A Mollo
Breeder: Lindy Barrow & Antonio Celso Mollo
Dog Reg: GCHB Alpines Lbk Living On The Road DS CGC [Dog]
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
Handler: Ed Thomason
Owner: E Thomason, L Tulloch, A Tighe, K Townsend & C Kramer
Breeder: Ed & Karen Thomason
Dog Reg: GCHB Rybas Razmataz + All That Jazz CAA RATN CGC [Bitch]
Breed: Australian Terrier
Owner: B Post
Breeder: Susan Bachman & Teresa Schreeder
Dog Reg: GCHS Kanix Don Domingo [Dog]
Breed: Russell Terrier
Handler: Allison Sunderman
Owner: M Ulrich, T Grenaae & L Ulrich
Breeder: Frederik Brathen

Toy Judge’s Name: Dr. Roger Pritchard

Total Entry: 215
Dog Reg: GCHP Thats Pullin At Your Heart Strings [Bitch]
Breed: Havanese
Handler: David Scheiris
Owner: P Lucas & D & D Scheiris
Breeder: Jane Falkenstein, David & Darlene Scheiris & Patricia Lucas
Dog Reg: GCH Resounding Carmen Christi [Bitch]
Breed: Italian Greyhound
Owner: S Salladay
Breeder: Susan Salladay
Dog Reg: GCH Seabreeze That One Particular Harbor [Dog]
Breed: Maltese
Owner: S Bingham-Porter
Breeder: Sandy Binghamn-Porter
Dog Reg: GCHB Edelweiss A Little Freaky Deaky [Dog]
Breed: Chinese Crested
Owner: T Maigne
Breeder: Kathleen Knoles

Non-Sporting Judge’s Name: Mrs. Loraine Boutwell

Total Entry: 201
Dog Reg: GCH Wintergarden The Heat Is On [Bitch]
Breed: Standard Poodle
Handler: Ann Rairigh
Owner: M Winters
Breeder: Mary-Jo Winters
Dog Reg: GCHG Dakota Into The Woods [Dog]
Breed: Dalmatian
Handler: John Benoit
Owner: M & G Iwaoka & K Benoit
Breeder: John & Kristine Benoit & Susan Buse
Dog Reg: GCHB Lin Shans Feeling The Future With O-Na-Pei [Bitch]
Breed: Chinese Shar-Pei
Handler: Chris Ann Moore
Owner: M Hobbs-Ohlinger, D Ohlinger-Hobbs & D Schuerman
Breeder: Douglas Ohlinger-Hobbs & Michael Hobbs-Ohlinger
Dog Reg: GCH Piciu Dei Gini S Tsvetochnoi Poljany [Dog]
Breed: Miniature Poodle
Owner: B Cellamare
Breeder: O V Arkhipova

Herding Judge’s Name: Mr. Dana Cline

Total Entry: 227
Dog Reg: GCHG Syringa – Akadia The Corsair [Dog]
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog
Handler: Tyler Crady
Owner: D Sirdofsky & T Crady
Breeder: Deborah Sirdofsky & Shannalee Waller-Michalsky
Dog Reg: CH Lambluvs Broadway Treasure [Bitch]
Breed: Old English Sheepdog
Handler: Jere Marder
Owner: J Marder & K Richardson
Breeder: Evelyn Boldt & Jere Marder
Dog Reg: GCHB IM Special Griswolds Official Sequel [Bitch]
Breed: Bouvier des Flandres
Handler: Patricia Murray
Owner: J Litogot & P Murray
Breeder: Cindy & Jeff Griswold, Janice L Litogot & P Murray
Dog Reg: CH Wyncrests Youll Be In My Heart HT [Dog]
Breed: Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Owner: K Metcalfe
Breeder: Kathryn Metcalfe

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